Boom To Bust Visual Essay Nick Forren

Stock Broker In The 20´s

During the 20´s, everyone was investing in the stock market, it was booming.

Stock Broker In The 30´s

During the 30´s, the stock market crashed so no one else was buying stocks so there wasn't as many people.

Banks In The 20´s

During the 20´s, lot´s of banks closed and people tried to get their money back from the bank.

Banks In The 30´s

During the 30´s, FDR became president and opened up a lot more banks so the banks were up and working and people trusted and used them.

Women Working In The 20´s

During the 20´s, women starting working outside of the house and took men´s jobs.

Women Working In The 30´s

During the 30´s, women started working back in there house as a housewife.

Women Leisure Time 20´s

During the 20´s, many women cut their hair short, wore short skirts and became flappers.

Women Leisure Time 30´s

During the 30´s, there was not that many flappers anymore and women just danced to jazz.

It was the 1920’s and I had to get to my stock broker and tell him I want to buy 80 more stocks because the stock market is boomin’. I rush to my stock broker in my brand new automobile. When I got there it was packed. There had to have been over 100 people there. I got my stocks and I got in my automobile and drove home. But on my way home there was so much traffic because of the crowd in front of the bank, everyone was all trying to get their money back. I waited…. And waited…… And finally got home. It was another hour until my wife got home from her job at the factory. So I listened to the radio. Then she got home and we went to the club and danced to jazz. There was flappers everywhere in the club, that’s a disgrace. Then after a couple hours we went home and went to sleep and practically did that same routine tomorrow.

Years have passed and now it’s the 1930’s we were very unique from everyone else, and some would call us the lucky ones because we are still privileged to have our house. Although, we don’t have as much as we used to, we still have our house. We don’t nearly have enough money for stocks. Although if we did, we wouldn’t invest in them because of the stock market crash. On the good side, FDR got elected president and he opened lot’s of banks since many of them closed, and there is one open right down the street from me! It’s just about lunchtime now and my wife is cooking me up a meal in the kitchen, she doesn’t work at the factory anymore and now she just takes care of the house and I. Although tonight we are both going out down the street to dance to some slow jazz. And this time there's no flappers!

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