Joseph Lorbacher Honors Art III Portfolio


My sculpture "Rooted was my first ever wire sculpture. Before I was even ready to start on the real sculpture I practiced with scrap floral wire. When I started with on the real sculpture I bought picture hanging wire, due to its rustic look, and dark color. I sculpted many days to reach the final piece. The sculpture eventually started to rust (which it wasn't supposed to, Because it had a coating) But I started to like it. Now the sculpture is completely rusted and mounted on a new base.

Art 21

From art 21 I chose Louise Bourgeois, I enjoyed her interesting surreal sculptures.

Louise Bourgeois was born in Paris France on December 25, 1911. In 1930 Bourgeois studied math but decided to end her studies when her mother died, she then decided to study art. Bourgeois had taken all of her struggles from childhood as her inspiration. Bourgeois moved into america in 1938 with her husband. Later in her life she taught at Pratt and received a retrospective at the metropolitan museum of art, all before passing on may 31, 2010

Louise Bourgeois "Spider" 1997 Six editions in various locations

Edgar Degas

Edgar Degas was born in Paris France on July 19th, 1834. Degas started painting at an early age, but his dad did not wish for him to be an artist. Degas studied law but did not really try due to his lack of passion. Later on he went to École des Beaux-Arts and studied drawing.degas passed away on september 27, 1917. Now Degas is a famous artist with very popular paintings, including his many portraits of ballerinas.

Edgar Degas "Little Dancer of Fourteen" 1881 Tate Liverpool
Wire Sculpture

Puppet Show

Have you ever worked with a collaboration on a large art project before?
reflect on a group project and write about your experience and how it worked.

Working on a group projects is usually difficult because communication is necessary. Normally when I work on a group project I have to do a lot outside of school, and because of that one person gets stuck with it.

What are your feelings about collaborative art?

I have always been interested in trying to do collaborative art, but i have never gotten the chance to try and do it. I have planned to do collaborative pieces but they never go through.

What did you contribute to your puppet making group?

When working with the female lion group I contributed to the building process, along with Sierra. When I worked in the ostrich group I contributed to building, adding feathers and designing the body.

What did your group contribute to the show?

My first group made the mother figure to the main lion. My second group made the the character who gave the egg to the young eland.

Explain how your team worked together?

My Team worked together to figure out any roadblocks we came up to. In addition to roadblocks we also gave advice on the works of others in the group.

Explain how the different art disciplines integrated. ( Think writers, artists, actors, dancers, musicians, sound, and lighting designers, the lights, tech, and blocking.)

The different art disciplines helped bring the pieces to life, without the other disciplines the show wouldn't happen. The art disciplines helped make a great show to benefit liv.

How did seeing the art on stage and in context affect your idea about collaborative art?

I thought that it was cool to see the work that we worked on brought to life by others. Collaborative art is interesting, the credit of each piece is shared, and not one person is given all the glory.

How did meeting the people from LIV make you feel about art and the work you did for the show?

Meeting the people from Liv showed what the show was really for. I felt like the art I contributed to actually did something, and it showed who we supported.


My Block print “Alone” is a remake of a painting I made over the summer. I wanted a challenge to make the painting into a block print. The print was a challenge because not only was the subject a hard one to transfer, it also had to be made into a reduction print.


For my art I chose the surrealism movement to draw inspiration from, due to the interesting compositions in the works

Elizabeth Murray

I chose the artist Elizabeth Murray due to her interesting paintings and themes she uses.

Linoleum reduction print

Stranded abroad


Hermosa Mariposa

Wire Sculpture


Linoleum Block Print

Art Honors III

In Art Honors III I have learned many things that will help me in my future with art.

I have learned valuable lessons in time management. Sometimes I would have deadlines surprise me and I would have work to meet them. I would plan my time I would have left to finish the project. In addition to Learning about time management I also learned about how it is ok to have a failed piece. My last project in my opinion was a failed piece, but i have learned from that. I learned what my strong suits are and what I am not so good at.

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