Photo Journal Peter Pelham By nico davidson


My tool was a musket. It is made out of wood and metal. It's purpos was for self defense and hunting. It was intruduced by the English.

This is the Susan Constant, a boat, it was the largest of 3 ships coming to America. It was used for sailing across the Ocean.

To advritize it they put a sign out, and most of the shops and houses around there are grey and black and this house is read.

They sell women's clothing at this store. I wouldn't buy the clothing because it's for women. The way I could order is by asking them for something and giving them the money in advance and then they would deliver them to me

The owner of this house is Peyton Randolph. I wouldn't be able to visit his house because he has a verrrrryy high status.

This was the dining room it was used to eat dinner. One cool thing in this room is the marble fire place it shows how high status they are. Another thing is their closet with China in it which shows their value and relationships with other powerful people. My favorite part of this room is the fireplace because many people couldn't have a fireplace because of their worry of their house catching on fire, but they took the chance.

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