Tour of the Harn by Sarah Courey

Medium of the Art: I found myself particularly drawn to this piece since it didn't look like many of the others in the museum. While most of the paintings had brush strokes that were made to be textured so the art looked realistic, this seemed to do the opposite. There weren't even strokes or full coverage, but rather empty space and dots of paint. The technique chosen by the audience was a very unique and brave way to approach the piece. I felt that the piece wasn't terribly elaborate, which made the artist more relatable in my eyes.
Design of the Museum: I was particularly fond of this exhibit and the design for the room. This was titled the African room, where many African artifacts were stored. The thing I really liked about the design of the room was the way they colored this central wall. The wall contains different colors that are central in the design of whatever piece is being displayed there, to make said color more pronounced. Such as the red wall, which is behind an African mask that shows off red coloring. I feel like rich colors were an essential part of African heritage and it is cool to see the museum design mirroring that.
Art and Core Values: I have been a dancer since I was four years old. Dance is engraved in me and has taught me many things. Most things I value I have learned from dance, such as: how to work through pain, how to have immense patience, and how to always work towards something as hard as you can, and it can be achieved. I see all of these as core values, thus this picture of a dancer I believe is the best way to portray it. The way the author shows this dancer is very focused, which is a great skill that one learns from dance. He also shows her as just sitting on a stool, not dancing. I feel like all photos of dancers are within their movement since that is what is "pretty" but this photo shows that the beauty of this woman comes from her passion, not the movement itself.
Art and the Good Life: The part of our Good Life class that really impacted me was the part about nature. I feel very drawn to nature, like characters in our readings for that module. Such as Thoreau with Walden, I feel that I find myself best in nature. Therefore, I was immediately drawn to this painting of the trees and mountains. It was beautifully surreal. It reminded me of my love for the natural world and my desire to preserve what we can to ensure this beauty is around for all generations to enjoy. I feel that places like this are great ways to seek self and seek the Good Life.

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