In the Leonard Loop June 7, 2019

Important Dates and Upcoming Events

Fifth Grade Promotion - Monday, June 10 @ 7:00 p.m.

We are looking forward to celebrating our fifth graders on Monday evening. About a month ago, each fifth grader brought home three tickets for promotion. Unfortunately, the office does not have any extra tickets available. If you had called the office to be placed on an "extra ticket wait list," I apologize that none were turned in for us to redistribute. I recognize that this is an important family event. You may want to consider a special family dinner on a different evening to celebrate with family members who are not able to attend. We will be collecting tickets at the door on the night of promotion. Please do not bring any family members that don't have a ticket. All audience members require a ticket for admission.

When you arrive at promotion, please do not park on our front grass. Not only does it ruin our lawn and is against city ordinance, but it can cause damage to your vehicle. We have had cars stuck on the embankment in the past. Please enter through our front doors (these will be the only doors unlocked that evening). Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Half Day - Tuesday, June 11 - 12:59 Dismissal

Half Day - Wednesday, June 12 - 12:59 Dismissal

Half-Day - LAST DAY - Thursday, June 13, 12:59 Dismissal

Report Cards Available through Parent Portal - Tuesday, June 25


Fifth Graders Perform for our Leonard Kids!

Our fifth graders had their last band and orchestra performance of the year this morning as they played for our students. It's remarkable to think that many of these children picked up an instrument for the first time just nine months ago. They sounded great on stage today! A special congratulations to Mr. Benes on his retirement. After serving the Troy School District for 31 years in the music department, Mr. Benes is starting the next chapter of his life. We wish you all the best on your next adventures, Mr. Benes! Thank you for all you have given to Troy kids for the past three decades.

Troy Foundation For Educational Excellence 2018-19 Grant Program

We would like to extend our appreciation to the Troy Foundation for Educational Excellence (TFEE) for their continued support of our learning. This past school year the TFEE has donated more than $91,000 to support classrooms across our district. Below are the Leonard teachers who have been awarded grants this past school year. Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work in bringing innovation to our classrooms!

Composting Counts: Katie Starn

One third grade class will use critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and problem solving to implement a hands-on experience in taking our paper, fruits and vegetables and other natural scraps from lunch and turning the waste into compost to give back to the Earth. Learning to give back to nature and how and why we should do so is crucial to empowering students to connect with their worlds. If they are a part of creating rich soil and giving back to the Earth, they will be forever impacted by their impact on our planet, therefore wanting to leave it better off than how it was when they lived on it. With our compost we plan to donate to Keep Growing Detroit, an organization that teaches urban communities how to grow their own gardens.

Collaborative Goals: Amanda Kalinowsky

First grade students at Leonard Elementary school will experience differentiated seating options and timers so that they can track reading goals and collaborate with peers. First Graders are very busy learning Lucy Calkin's Reader's and Writer's Workshop. There is much time spent reading and writing during our day. Students will develop a growth mindset towards reading stamina. They will also work collaboratively with each other to discuss comprehension, vocabulary, writing and story components. They will track their growth and adjust their reading and writing stamina goals throughout the year. They will reflect on their growth as readers and writers as they become aware of the environment around them and set out to complete a goal.

PebbleGo: Digital Literacy for #OneTroy: Lauren Henderson, Heidi Apol, Wendy Gustin, Lori Kostrzewa, Jaclyn Morrison, Ruba Alexander

All Troy Elementary (K-5) students will have strong digital literacy and research skills as a result of using the Capstone PebbleGo Database. This database will provide all elementary students access to a multi- modal literacy resource specifically designed to meet the needs of young readers. This will provide students with "authentic, innovative, and deep learning". Along with the Library Media Center, the data base can be used in K-5 classrooms, ELL classrooms, and special education classrooms to provide support for early readers and English language learners. PebbleGo uses a multi-modal platform to index and present information in the social studies, science, animals, and biographies. This platform includes fully narrated, leveled text as well as visual search options and citation support.

Light up Learning: Lorraine Hogan

First grade students will experience a classroom with a soothing and calm working environment through florescent light covers. According to Ron Ritchhart's book, Creating Cultures of Thinking, it is very important to provide students with an environment that will stimulate learning. Research suggests that florescent lighting can increase headaches in children and adults. The research also shows that students with autism are EXTRA sensitive to the harsh light given off from fluorescent lighting. The cloud themed coverings I am requesting mimic the same lighting as a real skylight.

Power Up Robots: Nadeen Brown

First grade students will begin to learn how to code, be exposed to the technology of robots and communicate this experience through their writing. This will be accomplished by purchasing mini Ozobot Bit robots for students to work with in small groups to code them to color and create designs. The students will also experience listening to a guest speaker who works at a factory which manufactures robots. The students will utilize critical thinking skills, creativity, collaboration as they participate in this STEM project. An article from Tufts.Edu, entitled ""Why Kids Should Code" states "Coding can be a playground for children to become producers, and not merely consumers, in our technologically-rich world. It is our responsibility to introduce children to coding and computational thinking when they are young."

Edison Robotics STEM Project: Genia Connell

Consistent with the school district goal of empowering students, our third through fifth graders at Leonard Elementary will use the Edison Robots in collaborative groups to learn science concepts through their own inquiries and investigations they have designed and implemented. Students will be actively engaged in the process of STEM as they use critical thinking skills to program and help their Edison Robots solve problems. These robots can be used with physical and natural science goals. This project is innovative at Leonard because students have previously not had an opportunity to learn about how robots are used in everyday life and how coding and programming them can solve everyday problems. The purchase of these robots will be complemented with materials that pose initial problems for students to solve.

Odds and Ends


Beginning on April 8, 2019, children not picked up in a timely manner after dismissal will be designated as a Late Pick-Up situation. Parents will be charged $60 for supervision of their child and be given a Late Pick-Up Packet that must be completed and returned to the school office. This CARE Late Pick-Up Registration does not guarantee ongoing enrollment in CARE. This packet must be completed to comply with state licensing policy.


If you are interested in providing your child with a Troy School District Preschool experience, enrollment is now open for our Troy Community. If you have any questions, please call our preschool offices at 248-823-3000. Please visit our website to register.

Community Corner

Camp CARE - All Summer Long!

We are excited to launch our completely revamped Camp C.A.R.E. program this summer. This year our mission is to provide a comprehensive, engaging camp with a focus on fun, fitness, leadership, as well as academic retention and growth. This will entail daily engaging activities, leveraging off internal talented staff and continually bringing in outside partners.

This is an opportunity you don’t want your kids to miss! Every week there will be something exciting and new. Something for your kids to look forward to. Give your kids an opportunity to step away from their electronics and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Smith Robotics

Smith Science Olympiad

Summer Sports Camp Registration

The 2019 Troy Summer Sports Camps registration is now open—basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, tennis, baseball, softball, golf, track, wrestling, rugby, girls LAX, dance, extreme recess, cheerleading, and synchronized swimming are all being offered this year. These camps are all local, coached by experienced coaches, focus on fundamentals and fun, and are a great way to keep your child(ren) active and engaged this summer. Check out the link (pages 24-27 of the Troy Recreation Summer Catalog) for more information on the various sports camp offerings.

Kroger Rewards & Amazon Smile

Is your Kroger card linked to Leonard?

Is your Amazon Smile account linked to Leonard?

If you answered "no" to either question...we can help you fix that! Signing up for Kroger Rewards and Amazon Smile helps to earn our school easy money. Both programs donate a portion of the profits to our school when you make purchases with them. If you need directions on how to link your accounts, please visit our website.

Have a wonderful weekend with your family!

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