As an aspiring civil engineer growing up in the marginalized community of Jane and Finch, I aim to strive past my adversities and embark on the opportunity to work with Me To We. From August 8th to 25th, I will be working to build schools in Udaipur, India.

I am a female STEM-field loving student who recognizes the lack of equitable opportunities within underserved areas, such as the one I live in. This is often due to the lack of advisory and financial support for the youth to be given educational offers that will further their potential. When finding out about the Me To We trip, I saw it as the perfect experience to help build my foundation in learning basic infrastructure and being able to work with other youth across the globe.

I know that this trip will be an incredibly fulfilling one. Just just like all students in our area, money often infringes with our ability to take advantage of these trips. Despite the at-home difficulties that I along with many of my peers face on a daily basis -- I am in my final year of high school and do not want money to be the reason to stop me from pursuing these dreams. I aim to represent all the youth in Jane and Finch by moving beyond our adversities and working to persevere to make this trip happen.

Where there is a will, there is a way, so with your help, you can bring me one step closer to proving that even as "disadvantaged youth", we can make incredible things happen if we all work to support one another.

Donations will be accepted through 'GoFundMe'.


When Is The Trip?

I will be going to Udaipur, India from August 5th to 22nd!

Who Am I?

My name is Rachel Yim and I am a Grade 12 student attending Westview Centennial Secondary School. I am an avid-STEM field loving student with aspirations to pursue Civil Engineering in University this coming fall of 2017. Coming out of a family that is predominately men, I strive to be the only daughter that works efficiently and relentlessly. When I am not in school or at work, I love to spend time with my family and friends who continue to mould me into the hard-working, adventurous and loving woman I am today.

What Is My Dream?

Throughout high school, the obvious question of “what do you want to do after high school” came up frequently. After understanding my own passions and history, I have concluded that my South-East Asian background with Khmer Rouge surviving family members heavily influenced my decision to pursue Civil Engineering. My reasoning for this career path interlocks with this life-changing trip to India.

To start off, I want to restore infrastructures in third-world countries in order to build a sustainable foundation for homes, bridges, and transportation systems. Despite being raised in a marginalized community, I appreciate that my blessing to be born in Canada consisted of growing up in concrete homes. While in underdeveloped countries, we often see homes built out of materials incapable of withstanding a roof or walls to protect a family. In correlation, when we watch the global news, there lays dirt-roads in the background of commercials of countries in poverty. With the materials we have in developed countries, engineers have the accessibility to construct efficient roads for children and adults to travel safely to school or work. Being said, this vision not only lies within myself, but other youth who plan on volunteering in a trip to impact the lives of others rather than their own.

What This Means To Me?

I have taken place in many student associations to ensure a positive student body. One of my largest commitments is my executive role on my school’s student council. Attending a school that is in the heart of the Jane and Finch community comes with it’s challenges, but we as a school ensure to make the most out of what we have. My role as the Extra-Curricular director is to be commutative with all clubs so that students are informed and participating in events. What I love about this role is communicating with students in all grades to hear about their perspective in activities. Working with students builds upon my leadership skills which is useful my youth trip in India.

To reiterate, coming from the Jane and Finch community, some students are judged as detrimental and academically weak. As a female student going into Engineering, I want to encourage younger students to study math and science with a passion. This trip can amplify the communication and problem solving skills in real life situations. Eventually, having these assets can prepare students for their future. I aim to inform and inspire others in my community about my youth work and why it would be a life-changing event. I believe that it would change the perceptions of my peers to go into volunteering in third world countries. I am excited to partake in opportunities that would be retold to youth in my previous schools so that they too can be confident about doing youth work.

What Am I Doing?

Besides being a student, I have a part-time job at Moxie's Bar and Grill as a hostess, to gain independent funds. With the hourly pay of minimum wage, unfortunately, I will not be able to aid for the entire trip even with the help of my parents. Which is why I am hoping to reach across to family, friends, and guests who support the decision of youth workers volunteering in third-world countries. I will be appreciative of any amount donated, and will ensure you that my youth work can impact the lives of others.

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