Without You Dakota Duffy Period 3

Jon Bellion - He is the Same (Few Bad Words :33-:35 1:14-1:28)

The prostitute scene within the book relates to this song in one main way. The fact that Salinger is still the same way even after paying for a prostitute. Instead of wanting to get with the lady, Sunny, he would rather, "talk(ing) for a while" (106) and get to know the Sunny. This relates to the theme that growing up is scary and he would much rather talk instead of have sex witch means that, "nothing has changed" (Bellion) and that he can't face reality of growing up.

Milky Chance - Stolen Dance

When Salinger went to the bar he met a group of three women who he called morons and idiots. There was one that he had a little fancy on and she was a blonde female named Bernice. Bernice was a terrific, "dancer" (79) and he enjoyed dancing with her. Although he enjoyed this very much, he didn't like the fact that she barley talked to him while dancing. The song represents this scene very well because it says, "never danced like this before, but we don't talk about it" (Clemens) which shows that whoever is dancing in the song also doesn't talk about their own experiences

Stephen - Crossfire

While Salinger is in a taxi he sparks a conversation with the driver about fish within a lake and, "what they do" (92) when the lake freezes over. The fish in the lake represents Salinger himself and the water around him is all of his insecurities and anxiety and so on. The water freezing the fish in place is showing that Salinger is stuck in place with his life because of all his anxieties and such. The song relates to this because the singer is, "waking up to... society's, anxiety deprives" (Stephen) which shows that the singer is annoyed or insecure about waking up to the same old every day.

Milky Chance - Stunner

In the story, Salinger starts to talk about his sister and how she was. His sister is, "pretty and smart" (75) according to him. In the song by Milky Chance, Clemens, the singer, says that, "she was a stunner, riding high while I got low" (Clemens). This quote shows that the person who is being talked about is beautiful and gets "high" at everything he is low at. Salinger wasn't really great at school but his sister was and this is her "high" when he is low. She is also very pretty or a real stunner.

Milky Chance - Loveland

In the book, Salinger talks about how he had a girl he almost necked with. He says that, "you were happy" (89) no matter what with her. She is always there and no matter what happens or what you do with her, you will always be happy cause of what she does or how she looks. Clemens says, "take me to loveland" (Clemens) which can be interpreted in many different ways but the way that Clemens means for it to be is a place of joy and happiness. This relates to the book because Salinger says when your with her, you fell happy and with Clemens, he says that being with this girl makes him happy.

This is a completely random bit of information that I doubt you care about but I'll tell you anyways. I only listen to Milky Chance and Jon Bellion and their albums that they release have very similar meanings to each other. In Milky Chances album, Sadnecessary, Clemens talks about having a relationship with a girl that eventually goes downhill and he wants to recover it. Even though while listing to all the songs in the album you know he will never be back in it, he is still very hopeful. In Jon Bellions new album, The Human Condition, he talks about how he met a girl who he really loves but he knows that she will never love him back. Just some information that I thought was pretty cool to know. Merry Christmas :)

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