utoptia Tia summers


Community Seal:

Vision: In we believe in equality, fairness, and treating others with the respect they deserve. We also believe in having fun, treating everyone the same no matter what the circumstance, and following the rules.

  • Community Rules:
  • Do not harm others in the community
  • Do not lie
  • Do not be boring
  • Show everyone respect
  • Treat everyone like family
  • Do not steal
  • Do not kill
  • You do not have to pay for anything
  • Everyone is equal
  • You must attend all parties

Membership Requirements: You must be a fun outgoing person, you have to like everything, you have to have good ideas, and you have to be a good sport.

Utoptia is an island next to Mexico. It is always summer and winter. It is summer by the shore and winter in the mountains.

A typical day for the citizens of Utoptia is skiing and swimming all day then partying all night. No one is ever sick or tired. And they never run out of energy, and everyone is good at everything

There is a group of 11 people that make up the council. That is our government, there is 11 so there are never ties in voting. We did not one specific person deciding what happens in the community.

If you are an adventurous outgoing person you should come to Utoptia. We never stop having fun. We have summer and winter everyday so you can choose which place you want to spend the day.


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