Good Life Tour of the Harn Museum By: Sarah Michaud

Posing in front of Old Man's Cloth by El Anatsui. Photograph by Aaron Asch. January 29, 2017.

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

A specific piece of artwork I saw while touring the Harn Museum of Art was the Old Man's Cloth by El Anatsui. The artwork is a metallic tapestry made from old, discarded bottle tops of brand name liquor bottles. Seeing this artwork in person helped me appreciate the details of the piece and the time spent collecting, flattening and piecing together the bottle tops. The size and visible texture of the piece made it stand out to me. It communicated to me how waste can be recycled and sculpted into something beautiful. It also communicates the prevalence of human consumption and waste in today's society. The artwork made me interested and excited about the possibilities of recycling and reusing in the future.

Posing in front of sculpture in one of the museum's gardens. Photograph by Sarah Michaud. January 29, 2017.

Design of the Museum

A specific part of the museum I particularly enjoyed was the outdoor, green spaces. This part of the museum was so appealing because it was all-natural beauty. The natural growing plants and flowing water were treated as part of the museum, demonstrating the beauty of the nature that surrounds us in our daily lives. With the all-natural lighting and peaceful quiet, it provides a space for reflection and thought about the few pieces in the gardens. It also provides a moment of rest from the sometimes overwhelming amounts of artwork inside the museum. The exhibit made me feel very calm and peaceful as I entered and I didn't want to disturb its peace, so I made sure to keep quiet and be respectful. The openness of the outdoor space also adds to calmness of the gardens because it isn't too cramped or crowded.

Posing in front of Family Portrait with Frida Kahlo as Young Girl by Guillermo Kahlo. Photograph by Sarah Michaud. January 29, 2017.

Art and Core Values

A piece of artwork in the Harn Museum of Art that appealed to my core values is the Family Portrait with Frida Kahlo as Young Girl. The particular values it appeals to are loving and honoring family, which are very important in my life. The visual representation of the whole Kahlo family together for a family portrait depicts the importance of that family to Frida and how they played an important role in her life. After viewing the artwork, I better understood how important the value of love and honoring family is to me, and that even though I am far from my family now that I am at college, the values are still instilled in me. The artwork made me feel somewhat nostalgic and homesick, and made me think of the times in which my family took similar family photos. It revealed to me how much I cherish my family and that they will always play an important role in my life.

Posing in front of an Untitled piece by Cindy Sherman. Photograph by Sarah Michaud. January 29, 2017.

Art and the Good Life

A particular piece that represented a Good Life theme was the Untitled top artwork in the photograph above. The theme I perceived to be demonstrated in this particular piece is the theme of embodying the Good Life. It shows how the importance of physical appearance becomes involved in the pursuit of the Good Life. In the photo both the mother and daughter are applying beauty products and looking at their reflections in the makeup mirrors. This shows the theme of embodying because it demonstrates the need people have in society to alter and beautify their appearance in order to shape the way in which others perceive them in society. It also demonstrates how we learn about beauty standards from our parents and the society around us, and it is something we are taught at a young age. It also demonstrates the expectations put on children to learn what is beautiful at a young age, even if the definition of beauty that is taught to them is unachievable.

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