Age of Exploration By: yasmin gonzalez - Mr.Meninga p.3b 3/21/17

European Spice Trade

The European Spice Trade- The spice trade was the worlds biggest industry. It was a trade between civilizations in Asia, Northeastern Africa and Europe.

One cause on the spice trade would be that if you had it you were so rich that you would never have to work, the effect to that would be that you could die on your way to get the spice and many did. Another thing is they started a school for navigation and sailing which was good for Europeans were skilled in navigation and sailing helped them out better. The last cause for European spice trade would be that people would sail across many places to get spices and the effect on that was that they established empires and revealed entire continents.

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus- He was an Italian explorer, navigator, colonizer, and citizen of the Republic of Genoa.

One cause would have to be that he went the wrong way thinking he was going to the east indies but ended up in America the effect to that is that Spain discovered a new country. Another cause would be that Spain agrees to finance Columbus voyage which lead up to discovering the new world. Lastly, when he arrived at the "East Indies" died never knowing that it really was not the indies but a new place he discovered

The Triangular Trade

The triangular Trade- trade in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that involved shipped goods from Britain to West Africa to exchange for slavery

One cause of the triangular trade was that millions of Africans were forced to the Americas they wanted to bring weapons and enhance status, the effect was that they exchanged weapons for slaves and the community became violent. Another would be that they wanted to compete with Muslims, they had massive imports of sugar because of that Europe craved taste in sugar they had cheaply made goods they killed many indigenous people and had new European diseases. Lastly, America was the sugar cultivation required laborers, money, and equipment that made them import slaves and equipment and they did that in large numbers.

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