How to build a Warren Truss Bridge By:McKenna Little


  • About 200 popsicle sticks
  • Bottle of elmers glue
  • Partner
  • Paper clips
  • Newspaper
  • Empty tissue boxes
  • Rubber bands
  • Table to work on
  • Yard stick
  • Time
(Note: use paper clips and rubber bands wherever you feel is necessary for the sticks to hold better)

Support beams

Step 1- lay several pices of newspaper flat on your table to keep glue from sticking to your table

Step 2-take 2 sticks and lay them horizontally to each other so the ends on the sticks are touching

Step 3-take a stick and put glue along the bottom part of it, then lay it on top of the other two sticks so it is right in the middle of them

Step 4-take 2 more sticks and put glue on only half of the bottom part. Stick it to the remaining space on the first 2 sticks you had used

Step 5-flip your project over carefully, then take 2 sticks and put glue on half of each stick

Step 6- put these two sticks to the remaining space on the bottom of the first 2 sticks laid down

Step 7-flip it back over and repeat this process until your length has reached 30 inches

Step 8- once done with step 7, allow the beam to dry for 4-5 hours

Step 9- make another support beam and glue the top of them to each other( you will need a total of 4 support beams, so repeat this process until done)let dry for 4 hours


Step 1- take two sticks and put glue on the bottom of one of them, then stick them together(use paper clips or rubber bands on these so they dry better)

Step 2-repeat this 2 more times until you have three of them. Once you have three, glue them together to make a triangle

Step 3-make 14 triangles to support the sides of the bridge

Step 4- take 2 triangles and glue the inside part of both of them together(us rubber bands to hold them together and let dry overnight)


Step 1- take a stick and put a dot of glue on both ends of one side

Step 2-lay the stick diagonally across the top of the bridge so the glue is touching both sides of the bridge

Step 3- repeat this process going the SAME direction you placed the first diagonal stick(leave about 3 inches between your last stick and the end of the bridge)

Step 4- once done laying all yours sticks across the top, take another stick and go the opposite way the the ones you just laid down. Make sure that all the sticks make a small X(let dry for 4 hours and tie rubber bands around the top of borrow of the X's)

Holding supports

Step 1- get 22 sticks, take 2 of them and lay them about 3 inches apart vertically

Step 2- put glue all along the upward facing side of the stick and take 10 sticks and glue them all right next to each other right on top of the other 2 sticks

Step 3- flip it over carefully and glue 10 more sticks to the opposite side(let dry for 5 hours)

Putting your whole bridge together

Step 1- Take your two sides and glue the inside your two support beams to the inside bottom part of the sides(let this dry for 5 hours and use your rubber bands wherever you feel is necessary)

Step 2-lay your 2 holding supports flat on the table. Take your sides and beams you glued together and stand them up with both ends of your bridge on top of the holding supports. Drizzle glue over the ends of the bridge that are on top of the holding supports

Step 3- place 2 empty tissue boxes in between the middle of the bridge about 5 inches apart. Then carefully slide 2 rubber bands on each end of the bride to hold the tissue boxes onto the bridge(the boxes allow the bridge to keep its form)

Step 4-refer to the TOP directions to finish step 4

Step 5- let your whole project dry overnight

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