World War I Trench Warfare Survival Guide By: Tatiana Rivera

(Two British)

Entrenching Tool

(The Handle)

The entrenching tool is a pickaxe-like tool with a shovel on the end of it. The entrenching tool, a tool used to dig trenches, is an extremely useful tool to use when you are dealing with trench warfare for several reasons. One reason entrenching tools are essential to trench warfare is they could be used as a weapon when in hand-hand combat.The main reason is, this tool could help you conceal yourself from the enemy by digging a trench to hide in. A trench has several benefits. One, to stay out of enemy's open fire. Two, to act as a shelter during the harsh war ("10 Things").


(WWI British)

Camouflage is a way to conceal yourself from someone or something. Camouflage was an important thing to have when one is involved in trench warfare. The reason why camouflage is important in trench warfare is it could keep you hidden from the enemy. The colors of the camouflage were essential to keep hidden from enemy weapon fires when in no man's land ("10 Things").

Steel Helmet

(American Model)

The steel helmet is a piece of steel shaped to cover and protect a soldiers head. The steel helmet is very important piece of armory one would need to survive trench warfare for three main reasons. One, to protect a soldier from falling debris overhead. Two, to protect a soldier from any type of explosive weapons. Lastly, to protect a soldier from any sniper shots aimed at them ("10 Things").

Gas Helmet

(The German)

The gas helmet is a mesh face mask used to help soldiers breath through harmful poison gas fumes. The gas helmet is important item for soldiers to have during trench warfare for one reason. This tool could help soldiers survive a poison gas bomb. The gas helmet could help soldiers survive an explosion that could be dangerous to the lungs, or just breathing in general ("10 Things").

Pocket Surgical Kit


A pocket surgical kit is a mesh medical instrument holder used for injured soldiers on the field. Soldiers would want to have a pocket surgical kit when dealing with trench warfare do to the fact it could save someone's life. A pocket surgical kit is important for when a soldier gets shot while in battle and needs to get a bullet removed, needs to be sutured, or in any other similar cases ("10 Things").

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