DTC #21: Happy Vavoolentine's Nothing says “I love you” like tacos, TEQUILA and luchadores!

📷: @luchavavoom





Splurge on tacos and tequila at your private outdoor oasis.

Experience one of DTLAs craziest nights.

Relax and unwind on a rooftop classic.

With just celebrating it's quinceañera Lachavavoom has dazzled its fans in the same classic location, The Mayan Theater.

📷: @dingo_darling

Stop 1

Foreplay: Margs and tacos.

• 6pm to 7ish •

Arriving in the belly of the downtown beast amid the echoing bus stops and swiftly passing commuters it’s easy to miss your first destination, BS Taqueria. The dimly lit creatively Latin space is a welcome enclave from the madness out on 7th. Passing through the dining area you’ll enter the sanctuary as welcoming as a family picnic and serene as the Selva Lácandona. It’s happy hour so margaritas are in order along with fish tacos and a couple tostadas. The quick and friendly service will keep the plates flowing and glasses full. After you’ve made your way through the entire menu it’ll mark the time for an evening stroll to mucho sexo y violencio.

Stop 2

The Main Event: Lucha Libre

• 7ish til you've tapped out •

📷: @luchavavoom

The walk to The Mayan Theater is the perfect time to cool down before the insanity ensues at Lucha Vavoom. Arriving in the main theater it’ll be enough time to score a spot in front of the stage or if you prefer, the balcony. Sideshows and burlesque dancers occupy the empty space between luchadores “battling” at break neck speeds. The crazed excitement is over before you know it leaving you smiling from ear to ear. Don’t worry, the space to wind down is right around the corner.

Stop 3

Cool Down: The Night Cap

• Post Vavoom •

The “upstairs” elevator at the Ace Hotel opens with your group inside. Mellow drinkers lounging around the fireplace slowly sip cocktails as you make your way to your corner of the roof. Soak in the views of the city while laughing at what you just witnessed. The calm of the air over downtown paired with a concoction from the bar relinquishes any anxiety about the day of love you may be harboring. Then again what’s not to love about tacos, tequila and tons of luchadores?


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