Nature Activity at FLMNH By Ciara Tobin

Nature On Display

The Cave Exhibit

I thought the cave exhibit to be extremely interesting as it mimicked the conditions of a real cave except above ground in the middle of Florida. It was well lit and had lots of diagrams surrounding it so that we could really understand all the components within the cave. The signs noted that there are no green plants on display as they are not able to survive without the sunlight they need for photosynthesis. As such, there are not many animals present as they depend on green plants for food, either directly or indirectly. There were some cave dwellers present, however, such as salamanders and wood-rats. I found this exhibit particularly enjoyable as I had to go underneath a higher "above ground" section of the museum in order to find the cave segment, which made it seem very realistic. I was compelled to learn about the cave because of this realistic setting as I wanted to understand what was going on around me, whereas I definitely would not have been as interested by a simple power-point or textbook excerpt on the same subject matter.

Nature and Ethics

The Butterfly Exhibit

I was extremely excited to experience the butterfly exhibit as it is extremely interactive and intriguing. The exhibit enables one to become immersed in nature whilst learning about some of its most exquisite creatures - butterflies. Posted all around this exhibit are signs describing conservation efforts and the importance of butterfly and moth habitats. This exhibit is very calming and allows those who visit it to enter a euphoric state. The visitor is enabled to connect with nature wholeheartedly as a delicate butterfly can rest on their finger. Immediately one feels the moral and ethically responsibility to protect the tiny creatures and the environment it needs in order to survive and thrive. Because the exhibit is so fun to visit, it provides ample opportunity and outreach for more people to learn about nature in an interactive way.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Calusa Exhibit

What resonated with me the most out of everything in this museum was the emphasis on Native Americans and their contribution to our modern society. Many people often neglect the fact that Native American tribes are the namesakes for many of the cities we love - Tampa, Ocala, even Alachua County. This analysis of the Calusa Society shows how the human spirit thrived within the Native Americans in their large trade networks filled with hand-crafted goods and that Calusa people worked hard and lived long, healthy lives. These people worshiped the Earth and thanked it for its bounty, and were as in touch with their roots as they could be. It is an important exhibit, especially in this day and age where the concentration is mainly on materialistic items and social status. The Calusa, like many other Native American tribes, embodied the epitome of the human spirit as they worked hard for the success of their society and still sung, played games, loved each other and nature wholeheartedly.

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