well rounded art skills

BLOG 1:I guess my idea so far is to become more well rounded is different medians and posting it on maybe tumbler or some kind of social media to help and share with other people and the same adventure of art they are going through.

BLOG 2-3: So I was absent last blog update day, but what I've started on my project by one figuring out who my mentors are being that there are so many things I am doing and I made my tumblr and have already posted about the monologue I'm doing for the competition at Fullerton.

BLOG 4: So I figured out what song I want to dance to its "that's what I like" by Bruno Mars because I'm obsessed with him right now. The Monologue won't be till April 16th, I think instead of having days where I practice each thing I'm going to make it so I'm practicing for about at month before the performance or when the stuff is needed.

BLOG 5: I think I might not do dancing because I have no idea how to start with it I'm still unsure so I guess we will see next update. I think I'm gonna use youtube for videos and vlogs because tumblrs video option seems limited so I'm still using tumblr just not for videos. I have my Fullerton competition coming up soon so I'm going to be focusing a lot on that that will probably be the focus the first couple videos. Also the musical was canceled so even though that sucks I think it will give me more time and energy to focus on this.

BLOG 6 -7 : Okay so things aren't going as I planned I don't think I'm going to do nearly as many things. I think I'm going to just do drawing, painting and graphic illustration. Theatre just doesn't inspire me anymore I've really been pushing for it and hoping to get that spark back that I had but the theatre environment just isn't the same and it honestly makes me really sad. I think what I will excel at and benefit from is just focusing on those two things they both bring me joy and spark interest and passion in me. That is kinda what me and Ben talking about the day of the pitch.

BLOG 8: So I've pretty much taken my project in almost a whole new direction. I decided that I'm just focusing on art and my comic. The reason I made that choice was because one I realized I DO NOT have time for all of that and two we have done so little in theatre this year there wouldn't be anything to document, I've only been in two plays this year comparative to last year where I was in about five and competitions. It's unfortunate but I couldn't waste anymore time. Progress wise I started a NEW tumblr called h0wt00 and I'm getting followers faster and I've also come up with characters and a sort of plot out line for my comic.

BLOG 10: SOOOO we just did the poster boards and I think I did pretty well I honestly feel like I've advanced ALOT in the point my graphic design, I didn't expect to but I guess when its your weakest point there is no where to go but up. I've learned smaller things painting and drawing wise but I think my main growth in those is my creativity which I think I actually value more then the technical side of things. Now I'm just need to make my short comic and i was kinda thinking to show my improvement I could teach someone how to paint something.


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