"GOOD THINGS COME IN GOOD PLACES" Is our motto for an amazing community on an island 70 miles off the bay of San Diego in the Pacific ocean.
We have beautiful hotels and resorts on the beach.
The purpose of this community is to create a perfect place for all people to be happy and to find happiness. Anyone can find or do anything on this beautiful tropical island.
To live in KK Komplex you have to have a background check and take a short test to make sure your worthy to live in such a wonderful place. If you want to visit KK Komplex you'll have to be inspected and have a super quick back ground check at the airport/dock.
There also some rules you have to follow in order to live here. 1. No murder 2. No stealing 3. No Seahawk fans or supporters 4.Everyone will contribute the same amount of effort in the society regardless of their job. 5.Everyone will be treated equally regardless of race or religion. 6.The community makes decisions as a whole there is no dictator or one individual who holds all the power. 7.Sunday is a day of relaxation and rest, work is not permitted unless in dire situations. 8.Kids must attend school Monday through Friday for a regular school year unless there sick, vacation plans or family reasons. 9. anyone can have any job as long as there qualified and there boss/commander hires them. 10. ("The whole US Constitution")
The typical scheduled is that kids go to school in the morning and adults go to work (if they choose to) and then in the evening and weekends they are free to do whatever the want to do.
KK Komplex is a part of the California state so we have the same government of the USA.
"good things come in good places." this is that good place, so you get the good things here.


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