U in space PROJECT

"U in space" is a project designed in collaboration between Collectif DF* and Blackbirds

This project intends to create new interactions between art and the public, which becomes a central actor of the art process as he influences and contributes to create a piece of art.

The artist builds a new playing field, where the public becomes a tool through its sensibility and through its interactions to the space.

Data visualization

Each of the datas collected by the sensors in the space will create a random digital artwork, which expresses how human presence influences the art process (with the bodys becoming a piece of the artwork).

Live sculpture

The choice of the basic form of the sculpture is to be defined with the customer.

At the end of the exhibition, the digital artwork will be printed in 3D. This will represent a concrete sculpture of the interactions and materialize this unique experience.

The public has the possibility to stop time and to choose to order a unique and personal sculpture made in the chosen material (ceramic, sliver, gold).


DoTank is a cooperative organization that fosters on innovation in the art process. We are associated to artists, engineers, designers, architects and experts in many fiels to make innovative design and R & D for artworks.

The purpose of the organization is to help artistic creation and to support and promote innovative projects worldwide in order to build a new economy of art.


Blackbirds is an organization aiming to build relationship and to develop the complementarity between two worlds perpetually side by side, but which are in need of each other:

-the world of artistic creation linked to openness, which raises awareness on the main issues which will be the issues of the world of tomorrow.

-the technological sphere, which works to cure today's issues and shapes our future.

Blackbirds is commited to promote, to develop and to support artists by combining the technology into their artistic approach.

Collectif DF*

The Collectif DF * is a french artistic swing-wing collective where artits, technicians, are united around A*et B*. To two to twenty, horizontality is the rule in the relation to art pieces. Their questionning centre on the notion of Landscape and Humanity relation. So, also in space, time, memory, materials, technology, sensibilty... The Collectif DF * work essentially In Situ, in contact with people who are living in the site which their be purposed. Thence, from these impregnation, born ambitious or unobstrusive project in spread about with systems and contexts in place.

Bright Studio stands at the junction of art, technology and communication. It was designed as a hub where digital artists, places, institutions, brands and agencies can gather and build the future of creation on common ground. Passionate about new forms of creation, the core team has considerable experience in digital and social strategy, creative industries and creative technology. The studio can handle a huge variety of projects, from ideation to production, and relies on a tied talent network to quickly put together the right teams.

Experimonde: We think. We act. Networked.

Research and development for sustainable architecture is our main interest. Architects, artists, scientists and producers gather to create innovation. Every member should add his/her very best, with the benefit of the other's talents: everybody at his/her top, no time lost by struggling with duties others can accomplish better.

Design and function are pairs, each supporting the other.

Projects of art help to open minds for solutions of tasks never been thought of. Experimenting with material that didn't have a field of application before.

With Experimonde the future has already begun. Our vision is building with flexible translucent insulation, following the needs of climate and seasons. Our material is air, contained in membrane covering.



Phone: +33 6 51 78 67 81

email : contact@blackbirds.me

Association Blackbirds n° W343015373 Association d’intérêt général

DoTank 2rue du Pavillon 34000 Montpellier France

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