Wayside School Books Review. By bayley metz

First I like to tell you who is the author is it is Louis Sachar.

Wayside school book 1

These books are one of the best books you could ever read be aware to have fun.

The first book will tell you all of the kids names or teachers names and there personality also a little story about them.

My favorite character is Sharie .She likes to sleep a lot and when I say a lot I mean a lot she sleeps so much she falls asleep in class. One time she fell out the window and she was still sleeping but don't worry Louis caught her oh and Louis is the yard teacher and he is one of the ones who takes care of most of the problems.

Now it is time to give you a little more detail come lets go.

At the beginning of the book there is a mean teacher her name is Mrs. Gorf. She makes kids into apples. But she got made into apple and got eaten by Louis the yard teacher.

Book 2, is called wayside school is falling down the new teacher is called Mrs.Jewels she is nice!

My favorite moment is when when Mrs. Jewels thinks the kids are monkeys!

Mrs. Jewels is so so so so nice and is better than Mrs. Gorf

This is my third favorite book of louis sacher wrote.

Book # 3, is called wayside school gets a little stranger.

My favorite moment in book #3 is when Mrs. Norgard finds love with Louis.

This book is my favorite mabey it will be yours to. Read these and you may find you like writing books to be inspired.

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