Animals deserve respect! ASPCa

Just because animals are not humans, it doesn't mean that they have feelings. That is why I support the ASPCA on puppy mills.

Puppy Mills are mainly houses that are overcrowded of dogs. They don't get enough food, water, socialization, or veterinary care. They are kept in cages with metal or wired floors. This causes the puppies to have injuries. Dogs that are as young as eight weeks old, are sent to Puppy Mills and they are sold to Pet shops, Internet, Newspaper ads, and even at the Flea markets.

Since puppies in a Puppy Mill are usually mistreated, they get heart diseases and blood and respiratory disorders. A lot of puppies are removed from their mothers and they suffer from fear, anxiety, and other behavior problems. 

Female dogs are the ones that are most mistreated. They make the dogs constantly have babys. When a female dog can not give birth anymore, the workers from the Puppy Mills kills them.

I hate how dogs are being mistreated. They sufferin pain and from feelings. They can not see the light of day. They can not have fun like they used to. They can not socialize with humans or with other dogs. Everyone should support the puppies. Ban ALL Puppy Mills and make them illegal. Lets make the puppies happy and give them a normal and wonderful life.


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