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Nature on display

Nature on Display

The Butterfly rainforest was my favorite exhibit in the museum. Overall it was a great experience, 10 out of 10 will recommend to anyone to go visit. I found it to be enjoyable because of the way it was set up. As soon as you enter you are immersed in nature. Which now is hard to get a moment alone. The quietness is soothing. It'll be a great place to take pictures or even read a book while being surrounded by beauty. While overlooking the exhibit a beautiful blue butterfly popped out.

The butterfly was like this but i was unable to capture it.
Overall this exhibit was my favorite. The way it captured nature without disturbing it was what I liked best.

Nature and Ethics

Nature and Ethics

While inhabiting the land we have come to conquer it we should live along side of it and as Leopold stated "love, respect, and admire." While the butterfly rainforest is a great way of this it wasn't the only exhibit there that allowed for that. One was the frog exhibit. Many were surprised by it and intrigued by all the different frogs. As well as other exhibits. While many were reenactment of things they still allowed you to experience things that you normally not be able to.

It thought everyone about prehistoric time and who they dressed and what tools they used, as seen above there are various examples.
In this photo grid, I am showing different scenes that were set up for the viewer to watch. In the top left on it is the one were it enacted a real life event and showed how the culture allowed them to do certain things and how they showed respect. But in the same exhibit it thought about how our own actions have come to destroy the natural habitats for some of our creatures.

Nature and the human Nature

Nature and the Human Nature

The Natural history museum definitely made us step out of our ordinary lives and appreciate the mystery of the world. IT took us back to million years ago where some things are unexplainable and as well made us question the things we do today.

Just one looking into Florida we see how much this land has changed. Not only the size and geographic but the resources we have. Florida once was extremely small in the museum there was picture of it even million so years and it was hard to recognize flood with high sea levels. But with low sea levels it is even bigger. THE reason it has been changed to the size now has no actual explanation just hypothesis. But we do know that if the sea level continues to rise it'll become even less.

Example of animals that have become extinct and only the mystery of them is left for us to explore.

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