Imperialism Vanessa Robles 2A

What is Imperialism?

Imperialism is basically when a strong country takes over a weaker country. The weaker countries usually take on the cultural effects of the stronger country.

Example #1: British Taking on South Africa

The British made their way over to South Africa. When they made it there, they easily took over and started to influence their culture. People in South Africa still speak English instead of what their native language was before.

Example #2: Spain Taking Over Multiple S. America Places

Spain sent Christopher Columbus to travel to get some spices, but he ended up traveling to South America. The place was new and all that so Spain decided to take over. They sent multiple people over to rule over the people there and the natives ended up learning a type of Spanish. So, multiple places in South America speak Spanish while others do not.

Example #3: France with Haiti

France decided to take over Haiti once they found where it was. Since Haiti was a small place France was able to take over due to their amount of people. Haiti people just followed what the French did and they actually were able to trade their cultural abilities.

Example #4: Britain and New England

New England was formed when the British sent over some people to grow their reign. So, New England was pretty small and they had many people, but not as much as Britain. Britain was over the American colonies and they basically controlled what they did. In the end, the colonies fought back and won so they declared their independence.


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