Fearless Leadership Symposium A DEI Conference for the Asset Management Industry

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June 16-17, 2021 | A Virtual Experience

The Fearless Leadership Symposium will highlight bold business practices that are changing the face of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Explore how inclusive leadership can enhance productivity, promote growth, and impact the bottom line within the global asset management industry.

This symposium brings together senior business executives from across a broad spectrum of asset management firms to examine the current state of DEI within the industry and to create an aggressive path forward. The symposium will focus on the successful ownership of DEI issues by influential business leaders.

Who Should Attend

The Fearless Leadership Symposium is essential for business executives and DEI professionals in the global asset management industry:

  • Asset Managers
  • Broker-Dealers
  • Consulting Firms
  • Custodians
  • Executive Search Firms
  • Fund Accounting and Audit Firms
  • Investment Mangers (traditional and alternative)
  • Law Firms
  • Technology Providers
  • Third-Party Service Providers
  • Technology Companies

Agenda at a Glance

Day 1: Business Implications

Wednesday, June 16 | 10:00AM - 3:30PM

This is Not a Drill – Opening Keynote Presentation

It’s a call to action – one too loud to ignore – for business leaders across the asset management industry. “We’re working on it” is not enough. It’s time to lean forward and aggressively initiate, adjust, and then re-adjust your DEI policies. Learn how to move beyond the talk and into the type of action that will drive the industry forward on this business-critical mission.

Own It: A “How-to” for Business Leaders

Forward-thinking C-suite executives take a deep dive into how business leaders can weave DEI into the daily fabric of their business lines. Learn how to “own” the issue, how to get results, and how to turn results into business returns. A not-to-be-missed, thought-provoking session for senior-level executives looking to affect change within their organizations.

Great Expectations: What Investors Want

When it comes to investing, the dynamics of client expectations are quickly evolving. What are the key factors that attract investors to asset management firms? Learn what clients are using as guidelines and how DEI plays a role in the investment selection process.

Tackling Diversity Regulation Head-On

Both the SEC and CFPB are expected to dial up mandatory reporting on diversity. How can firms prepare? How will new disclosures be perceived by investors and ratings agencies? Explore the new age of diversity regulation in the industry and learn what executive leaders can expect when it comes to reporting around wage-gap, board diversity and more.

Day 2: The Human Element

Thursday, June 17 | 10:00AM - 3:30PM

Authentic and Empathetic Leadership

Leadership in 2021 looks a bit different than it did in 1990, 2010, or even 2019. The qualities and practices of the most successful business leaders have certainly evolved. Join us for tips and tools on developing the inclusive leadership skills that are essential for today and the workforce of the future.

DEI Data in Action

Yes, there are firms collecting and leveraging DEI data! Learn which data they are collecting, how they are evaluating them, and who they are sharing them with. Learn how to work the process of tracking and reporting metrics in this somewhat murky, quickly maturing area of the DEI landscape.

Evolution of Corporate Culture

Employee wellness slid into the hot spotlight in 2020. You understand the rationale; you accept its importance. Now, it’s time to ensure that you’ve got policies and programs in place that provide sustainable, long-term support to employees. Learn how firms are thinking differently about health and wellness, creating inclusive environments where employees can thrive, and retaining valuable talent.

Closing Keynote Presentation

Confirmed Speakers

  • Marc Brookman, Chief Executive Officer, Schroders
  • Mandell Crawley, Chief of Human Resources, Morgan Stanley
  • George Gatch, Chief Executive Officer, JPMorgan Asset Management
  • Kim Hyland, Managing Director, Head of US Relationship Management Team, MFS Investment Management
  • Lisa Jones, Head of the Americas, President and Chief Executive Officer, Amundi US, Inc.
  • Jun Li, Co-Leader Americas, Wealth & Asset Management Sector, EY
  • Angela Miller-May, Chief Investment Officer, Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund
  • Kristi Mitchem, Chief Executive Officer, BMO Global Asset Management
  • Justine Phoenix, Distribution & Broker Dealer Engagement and Head of Diversity Project North America, Nicsa
  • Kavya Vaghul, Senior Director of Research, JUST Capital
  • Shawn T. Wooden, Connecticut State Treasurer

Please stay tuned for updates as we continue to confirm speakers for this event.

About Nicsa's Diversity Project North America

Accelerating progress in global asset management.

Our Mission: to promote a diverse and inclusive global asset management industry with the right talent in order to deliver the best possible results for clients, reflect the society we serve, and ensure long-term business sustainability.

The Diversity Project North America, a Nicsa program, is a cross-company initiative spanning all facets of the asset management industry. We are an active group of business executives leveraging collaborative leadership in order to accelerate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) within the global asset management industry.

Organizational Structure

  • CEO Advisory Council: sets the strategic direction for the Project; comprised of business leaders from founding member firms
  • Executive Committee: ensures the committee work aligns with CEO Advisory Council objectives; comprised of business leaders from founding member firms
  • Benchmarking Committee: identifies metrics and standards
  • Education Engagement & Outreach Committee: attracts diverse talent to the industry
  • Events Committee: offers training and education for inclusive leadership
  • Fearless Leadership Symposium Committee: drives content & speaker identification for annual event
  • Industry Engagement Committee: shares findings and solicits actionable industry feedback
  • Member Engagement Committee: identifies and develops the next generation of leaders at our member firms
  • “Next” Practices Committee: shares forward-looking ideas to help firms build bold programs that advance equitable opportunity and support business results

Featured Collateral

Nicsa takes a pulse check on the perception of DE&I in the asset management industry.

Simple starts are intentional behavior changes aimed at producing a real, tangible impact that can lead to a more diverse, productive, and inclusive workplace.

A best-practices approach to developing tangible business policies in support of racial equity.

Find more DEI content, including Case Studies and Tool Kits, here.

How to Leverage Your Diversity Project Membership

  • Collaborate and share important work being done internally and externally.
  • Hear from industry peers on what's working and what's not working.
  • Increase your brand awareness with announcement about your Diversity Project membership.

Ideas for Getting Started

  • Have employees join a committee! Committee members pitch speaker ideas and content creation ideas including webinars and case studies. When your firm is featured in our content, it is shared across our member network.
  • Join an open forum (open to all member firm employees) of 6,000+ users. The Nicsa Hub is a community resource that allows members to pose questions and share resources with other members. (See the Nicsa Hub Instructions.)
  • Create a Nicsa account that allows you to register for Knowledge Center content and webinars.
  • Get acknowledged in the Nicsa's newsletter, Quarterly Insights, social media channels and website.
  • Provide employees with a "Proud Member of the Diversity Project North America" badge for their employee email. (See the Media Kit.)
  • Include a Diversity Project North America badge on company RFPs. (See the Media Kit.)
  • Add the Diversity Project North America logo to your company website (partnership and/or DEI sections are typical)
  • Support industry advancements in DEI on your own social media channels with an easy to use Media Kit with example posts.
  • Submit content, firm DEI activities or ideas, and "knowledge shares" to Nicsa marketing for social media posting consideration.
  • Add information and resources to your intranet sites to help employees gain access to the latest updates.


Nicsa is a not-for-profit trade association striving to connect all facets of the global asset management industry in order to develop, share, implement, and advance leading practices.

Our Mission: to help firms operating in all segments of the global asset management industry meet the changing needs of their clients by aligning and educating industry participants through formal education programs, interactive forums, networking opportunities, and initiatives such as the Diversity Project North America.


For more information please contact:

Anne De May, VP, Sales and Member Engagement

ademay@nicsa.org | 508-683-1613

Justine Phoenix, Head of Diversity Project North America

jphoenix@nicsa.org | 617-680-6957