How to build my bridge By: Chance bailey


  • Around 200 sticks
  • 3 water bottles
  • 4 rubber bands
  • Model of vertical warren bridge
  • Work space
  • 2 bottles of Elmers glue


  1. Connect sticks by putting two sticks down around 3 inches apart put a dot of glue on each end of the stick then place a stick over the top of the two other sticks. Keep connecting them until it is 38 inches long. You will use around 15-18 sticks. (Let dry for 6 hours). Repeat this process 3 more times.

2. Take two of the beams and connect them by making Xs. When you do this you will notice that when you over lay the sticks that it makes triangles. Try to make sure each angle of the triangles are around 60°. You will make around 9 Xs. (Let dry for 6 hours). Repeat this one more time.

3. Connect the two sides of the bridge by placing 3 water bottles in between the two sides. Once the water bottles and sides are both even with the ground, put rubber bands between each bottle so that the sides are tight against the bottles.

4.Place sticks across the gap to connect the two sides. Use about 25 sticks for each the top and bottom of the bridge.

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