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Social workers find people who need help. They get people, typically children, out of bad homes or troubling situations. Among their daily responsibilities is identifying people who need help and figuring out how to help them, whether it be setting up a rehabilitation plan or finding a good home for a child in need of one, or anything inbetween.

Social workers work with the elderly, the disabled, young offenders, people with mental health problems, truants, addicts, and the homeless. They work full work weeks, along with working some nights and weekends, and the occasional holiday. The average annual salary of a social worker is about $45,900 in the United States.

Social workers often work in government, adoption agencies, hospitals, nursing homes, residential facilities, community centers, private practices, and child welfare agencies. They work with and around other social workers more often than not, and alongside police. They usually work in an office setting, and they have to fill out lots of legal documents and do tons of paperwork. Most get the normal benefits of an office job, they can opt for healthcare and dental care, they can get their families covered, too, things like that. But being a social worker has the added benefit of doing good in the world.

Social workers make a difference by giving a voice to those who need one, and doing what they can to help.

One of the main issues that faces social workers is the fact that what they see and deal with on a daily basis can take a toll on their own mental health and outlook on life, especially those who work with troubled or abused children. Often social workers are the ones who arrange homes for orphans whose parents died or abandoned them, or children who were taken away from abusive and neglectful parents.

The work they do, however, is very important, because they take these children out of these bad situations and place them into loving, caring homes where they will be protected and loved.

Social workers help children and families by arranging homes for orphans or abused or neglected children, they can also get counselors and therapists for families who are struggling with things like mental health problems in one of the members, marital fights, excessive fighting between siblings, and any other scenario you could think up.

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