Demeter's Delicious Popcorn Popcorn so good, the gods eat it

The goddess of agriculture and harvest, Demeter.
"Demeter's Delicious Popcorn" symbol, the cornucopia.

"Demeter's Delicious Popcorn" is a company made and produced by the goddess Demeter. As the goddess of agriculture, such as corn, popcorn was a spectacular subject for this company and the symbol being a cornucopia. All flavors of this popcorn are based off of the other gods and mythological characters and creatures. It's also all natural and healthy so it's a great snack for everyone. Demeter's family helps out with the company in different departments. This sensational popcorn is sold in many different flavors and size boxes at varying prices so get yours today!

We have many different flavors and varieties of popcorn!

Our flavors: (prices vary on size and flavor)

"Sea Salt" for the god of the seas Poseidon- $9.99

"Olive Garden" for the goddess Athena- $8.99

"Fire Hot" for the god Ares "- $10.99

"Wedding Cupcakes" for Hera- $7.99

"Lightning Strike Hot" for Zeus- $9.99

"Dog Food" (for dogs) from Cerberus- $9.99

Special flavor: "Burnt Popcorn" for the people of the Underworld- $5.99

Our company has many employees, mostly members of Demeter's family. Demeter is the President/ CEO. Her daughter, Persephone, is her sales person since she travels to many places, in the world and underworld, and her Vice President. Her father Cronos is the main popcorn popper and topper. Rhea, her mother, is the board leader. The rest of her children share titles such as CXO and Chairman.


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