Dragracers By Nathaniel Veit

History of Drag Racing

Past- Drag racing is a very old motorsport that was first seen in the 1930's in the deserted areas of California. It is where 2 or more people get their best cars and race against each other on a straight road. The winner usally gets something from the loser such as their car or money. This is both legal and illegal depending on where you are. Many people found pleasure in this and liked the feel of adrenaline, this sport is a main target for racers that are adrenaline junkies.

Present- Nowadays drag racing is even more powerful and dangerous. People have been finding new ways to make their car go faster than their opponents such as nitrous boosts which is illegal and very dangerous. People also have found new ways to design their car in an aerodynamic way so the cars are more wind and drag resistant. Many people usually get good "muscle" cars and motify it. They can add strong engines to them and deck them out with top notch equipment.

Future- Later, I feel like people will find stronger materials and things to make their car go faster. Recently a car was made so it broke the sound barrier. This just proves how much more dangerous this sport could get, but this could also improve travel for hospitals that need to get to some places as fast as they can to help save someone. The same thing could go for police and firemen. Overall I think drag racing has its pros but also its cons in the future.


The Three Main Points to Consider for Drag Racers Design-

•Friction- Friction is a force that can slow your car down a lot. Friction can come from the wheels dragging on the ground or by the axel rubbing against the wood. That's why it is important to make sure that the wheels are spinning freely and the axel is too. If we don't it will effect the cars spped by a lot. Me and Andrew are also thinking about venting the axels a bit so the wheels are only touching the ground by the edges so it reduces wheel to ground friction.

•Weight- You want the least amount of weight for your car so it can move faster and it wont weigh the car down. Me and Andrew plan on making the lightest possible car but making the frame out of dowels. If we do that that should make the car be able to go faster and farther. Hopefully we will have the fastest and lightest car out of our class. We really want to win!

•Aeroodynamics (Drag)- Not like friction, drag is when air slows down an object. Drag slows the car down alot. If you design your car correctly so air doesn't get stuck in air pockets on the car and then ultimately make it slower. Me and Andrew think we will make our dragster so there is always a slanted wall towards where the car is going so there is a very little amount of air resistance. In doing that, we should make the car way faster.

Day 1 (2/13/17)

Think- Today we think that we will start cutting our car out and drill axel holes into our wood block!

Do-We got our car cut out! It looks great, hopefully we an start sanding tomorrow!

Day 2 (2/14/17)

Think- Today we are planning to sand our car down. Hopefully we can start painting tomorrow. We realized the back of our car is really heavy so its tipping the car back, we will try to figure out a way to prevent that from happening.

Do- We sanded most of what we wanted to sand. Tomorrow we will finish up sanding with 100 and 400 grit sandpaper.

Day 3 (2/15/17)

Think- We think that we will start sanding with 100 and 400 grit sand paper which will make our car very smooth.

Do- We sanded everything that we think we need to sand. Hopefully tomorrow coach will let us start painting.

Day 4 (2/16/17)

Think- Today we think that we will get coach to approve our car so we can paint it. Me and Andrew want to paint it so the car still has its wood look that we like.

Do- We sanded the car more. Coach didn't have the paint we wanted so we are going to have to wait till Tuesday.

Day 5 (2/21/17)

Think- Coach forgot to get the paint so we are just going to sand more for now. Hopefully he can get it by tomorrow.

Do- We did nothing much except talking about what our car will look like.


Day 7 (2/23/17)

Think- Coach got our primer! We plan on painting our car today. Coach asked us to read the directs then get the materials to stain.

Do- We painted our first layer of stain on our car. Now we just need to let it dry and do it again.

Day 8 (2/24/17)

Think- Today we think that we will do another layer of stain. Hopefully this will be the last layer.

Do- We finished the layer. We don think that we will need to do another layer.

Day 9 (2/27/17)

Think- Today we don't think we will do anything today cause our layers are done. The car looks great though.

Do- We did not do anything because we are done.

Day 10 (2/28/17)

We did not do any thing because we are done

Day 11 (3/1/17)

We did not do anything because we are done

Day 12 (3/2/17)

Think- Today we think that we will start building the track and hopefully do a test run.

Do- We built the track and tested it out with our car- it works great! Hopefully next week or someone we can do our actual trial.

Day 13 (3/3/17)

Think- Today we think that we will test our car again. We want to make sure everything works for our track.

Do- We tested our car out again and we realized that something is wrong with the pocket lab. Hopefully coach can get that fixed over the weekend.

Day 14 (3/6/17)-Day 17 (3/9/17)

We didn't really do anything because coach is not here.

Day 18 (3/10/17)

Think- Today we think that we will get our run in for our car today because today is the last day.

We got our time trial in and we got 78.3 m per second per second! We are really proud of our car!

Day 19 (3/20/17)

Think- Today we think that we will help other people get their dragster time trials and see how good other people cars are.

Do- We ended up finding out that everyone who did their time trial all had the same acceleration speed of 78.3 meters per second per second. We think that the PocketLab maximum recognition is 78.3 meters per second per second. We will try to figure out more tomorrow.

Day 20 (3/20/17)

Think- Today we think that we will try to help beyond else get their time trails in and try to fix the pocket lab but we think it is not possible.

Do- We ended up not fixing the pocket lab, but we got mostly everyone to get their times for their cars.

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