Waiting in the wings at the Tivoli The Aberdonian

From pantomimes to dance shows to bingo, the Tivoli has been home to many fond memories for Aberdonians.

We're taking a look back at some of the people who have flowed through the theatre's doors for a night of entertainment between 1938 and 1998.

Actor and comedian Johnny Beattie outside the venue where he was a popular entertainer
Celia Walker and Paul Pillath during an open doors event at the theatre
Waving farewell at the last live show of the era are Calum Kennedy, centre, and Joe Gordon, right. Three years later the venue reopened for bingo
A rousing send-off at the last live show at the Tivoli before it closed its doors again amid its varied history
Classic elegance of the interiors back in 1938
Elegant frontage advertising bingo at one of the few Victorian theatre buildings left in the country
A royal re-opening for the Tivoli with the king and queen of bingo, Maggie Burns and Viv Levick
Empty seats soon to be filled in the theatre auditorium
Where the magic happens – the stage and auditorium seen from the upper gallery
Under-manager Tom Elrick examines old electrical rectifiers that formerly powered the stage lights
down for a full house – Tivoli Bingo Hall manageress Margaret Cant, left, with 87-year-old Isabella Taylor
Moira Minty looks over two billboards which went for auction at John Milne Auctioneers
Mitchell Watson, of Deeside, hailed as a second Larry Adler, joins singer Evelyn Henry and Aileen Manson