Go Kart Project lucas Aguilar-Perez

Problem Statement- Me and my group have an assignment to design and build a drill powered go kart that is due by the end of the school year, we were also given 25$ budget. With the 25$ budget we can buy supplies or bring some from home. The materials we are provided with is a 1 sheet of 3/4" plywood, 18v drill, wood glue. The problem we had was on how we were going to design the go kart. And also if we ran out of material that we need.


We choose this picture because it gave us many ways on how we are going the design the go kart And it also show the steering system and how the wheels work.
This picture is important to us because it shows how we are going to insert the drill and design the wheels and the steering wheel and as well as the frame of the go kart.


This picture shows a sketch of our for the go kart and were we are going to put all the parts on.
This sketch shows the the go kart is going to work and as well how its going to look like.

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