Detective Story by: Marielle Hernandez

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to solve a kidnapping case? I don’t know Lucy but I’d really like to find out. To bad the chief hasn’t chosen us to solve any fascinating cases. “Penny and Lucy, could you please come down stairs?” asks the chief through the speakers. “Hey Penny, do you think the chief may give us a chance to solve the next case?” asks Lucy. Lucy and I go down stairs and the chief has the most convenient news they’ve heard the whole day.
“Hey girls, it’s your lucky day we’ve found an open case that is just right for both of you to work together.” Says the chief. “Really?” I ask “What’s the case about chief?” 'It’s on a missing person"said the chief. Lucy asked, “Is that all the information you can give us?” “Yes, because we don’t know much about the case yet.” The chief replies. Lucy and I are roommates and best friends we live in an apartment together. After work, we went down to the café and discussed what might be so special about the case. Lucy said “We should head home before it gets late.” “Yeah Lucy let me just get two coffees to go.” I reply. “Ok” said Lucy “I’ll wait for you in the car.”
Later on, during the day it was time for us to go to sleep because we had to wake up early for work tomorrow. Morning came, and it was time for them to wake up. Lucy and I couldn’t wait to get to work. When they got there, the Chief ordered them to go down to the conference room. “We heard you needed us right?” “Yes!” said the chief. So what is the case about? It’s about a 13-year-old boy who was kidnapped and taken to a secret location last week. The only problem is that it might be impossible to find out that location because we don’t have any communication with the kidnappers.
The staff and I agreed that you two are perfect for the case. We also think that it might be a little dangerous for you two to handle the case. Do you think you can both work together and save the kid? Both Lucy and I didn’t even take a second to think about it so we answered “YES!” Ok so your both going to be able to handle different types of special equipment. So chief, what kind of special equipment do we get? The chief answered: “Your equipment includes, a bulletproof vest, a gun, paperclip, notebook, gloves, tweezers, measuring tape, and most importantly a magnifying glass. So chief when do we start? “Today.” Said chief.
We started looking over some files and started trying to communicate with parents of the missing child. Until finally, we got some very good and useful information that might make the case a little bit easier. A phone number. We called and Lucy thought it was a good idea for me to talk to the person on the phone. Luckily, we found it was really easy to talk to Ben’s mom. Who is Ben? Lucy asked “The missing kid” said Penny. It was really easy for me to talk to Ben’s mom and finding out what had happened before the kidnapping incident.
Penny decided it would’ve been more professional if they met up at the café. So Penny tried to convince Nancy, Ben’s mother if they could meet up. Nancy agreed and said yes. The time came, to talk to Nancy. We sat together and discussed what had happened. She told us that they had an argument and Ben had gotten really mad and decided to escape from his problem at home in the middle of the night. Penny made all the questions while Lucy wrote everything she said, “I had asked what the argument was about and it turns out that Ben had ran away because of his grades and his behavior. That made the case a lot easier for them because we just had to think where would a 13-year-old go if he ran away from home. We asked Nancy if he likes video games. She answered: “Yes, that was his favorite thing to do when he was angry or trying to get his mind
off of things. We decided at the end to go to some couple of arcades near this location. We had a discussion with Nancy and decided to go to the nearest arcades there was close to his house.
Luckily, we got some information there to the arcade employee had told us that he had run off a couple hours ago. We asked if he was with someone and he told us that he was with an other kid looked a like the same age. We asked if he could describe him and the other kid and it seemed a lot like ben and his closest friend Jason. We contacted Nancy and she was so relieved she started crying. We found out that Jason had left his library card on the floor. Lucy picked it up and there was a parent number. Of course we had to call it because maybe it was another source. I called the number and Jason’s parents picked up we asked if he had anything to do with ben missing. Parents answered and said no. Both Lucy and I found it strange that they knew nothing about ben. So we decided to search in Jason’s house to see if there were any clues. We found one of ben’s shirts the one he took when he left the house.
We decided to speak to Jason’s parents and they told us that he had slept over the first day because he said his parents had let him sleepover for a couple days and the case was solved. Later that night, Ben returned to his house and apologized to his mother and so, Ben and Nancy got together.


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