Fresco Peacock Makayla Holleran

Fresco Peacock

My artwork is a peacock with many colors. The subject matter of my project is a peacock. The name of my piece is Fresco Peacock. The principles and elements that are most obvious are color, texture, and unity. My artwork is made from metallic water color. I used Plaster of Paris to make the background.For the covering of my piece i used a gloss finish. My artwork was inspired by fresco paintings. My work doesn't express any issues in my life. My artwork doesn't show any emotions. My goals as an artist are to be more patient with my work and to be more precise. This didn't help me reach my goal fully, but it did help me reach my patience goal. It helped me reach this goal because i had to let the Plaster dry, let the paint dry, and let the finish dry. I learned that i need to wait when painting this project because of the time that it took to paint it because you have to put so many layers of paint to get it to be able to see the colors. The final piece isn't exactly how i imaged it. I would have loved for the color to be darker. This piece will influence my future artwork by wanting to use more Plaster of Paris and metallic water color paints.

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