Harry Houdini By:Haesung Bae

Did Thing That No One Can

Imagine you are in a milk tank full of water in it and with handcuffs and 6 locks. Most people will be scared but one person was not scared. He escaped by himself!!! Everyone clapped hardest they could and people were really proud that he escaped the milk tank.

Stright Jacket escape

He Dreamed About Being a Magician

Harry Houdini was born at 1843 and Harry Houdini died at 1934 He dreamed about being a magician.Also He practiced a lot of circus skill and also magic skill. Many neighborhood gather to see the circus that he was doing.Also He showed the circus to his parents.He really like the magic trick and He read every book about magic he could find.The amazing thing is he use two room for libary for magic books. In the two room there is over 5000 magic book.


In Harry Houdini’s life a lot of bad thing happened. Example for Harry Houdini was so poor also He quit the school because he had to work to get a money.One time before the magic show two students knew he was so strong and the students hit him and he hurt a lot. The worst in his life was he died at halloween. when people die at halloween it means bad luck.


When Harry Houdini get more famous he have shows more dangerous magic because when he doesn't shows hard and dangerous magic he will be not famous magician.His important because only he know the trick of famous escape magic. Example for he only know trick of milk tank escape.Sometimes it is so so dangerous because when the magic fails he will die!!!! One of dangerous magic is he have a handcuffs and he go in the case with full of water and 4 locks!! when he don’t escape in time he will be dead because he can’t breath on the case with full of waters.


Harry Houdini was one of the most famous escape artists all the time. When you see a magic show you can Imagine about Harry Houdini. When there was no Harry Houdini there wasnt fun and dangerous magic also there wasn't many people who did magic shows. But now you can solve the escape magic that Harry Houdini did. But !!!!!!!!! do not do it in your home! also there has to be people that rescue you if the magic fails. If you try Harry Houdini’s magic but it fails you will have a really big problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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