Retired But Not Done Creating? Become better, give back & Make a difference

More Contribution

You've prepared well and with your success have been able to retire or will do so shortly. Yet there is something inside you that keeps whispering that there is more you'd like to do. More you'd like to create!

You're very knowledgable and would like to help others by mentoring them and creating something bigger and to leave a legacy for your family that was more than a financial inheritance; a lasting memory.

Something That Will Take You Places And Not Tie You Down

You'd like to give back and help others succeed because it's fulfilling but you don't want to be tied down like you were when you were building for your retirement.

You'd enjoy being able to do all the things you wanted in retirement AND contribute and create another legacy.

Plus as you travel you'd be able to take advantage of the US Income Tax laws and be able to use your travel as a income tax deduction.

Young People Need Leadership Today

Our young people need what you have; wisdom in being outstanding people who serve others. You've learned how to create something and make it a financial success. Your dedication and commitment can be a beacon to lead a generation that needs these attributes.

Other Mature Couples Need Help

One in three people have not been able to save any money for retirement and need the inspiration and wisdom you can provide to help them build a source of retirement income in the form of residual cash flow. They need your vision.

The Opportunity; The Wellness Industry

The opportunity capitalizes on the health and wellness industry. It's one of the fastest growing industries world wide and especially in the US where 2/3 of our economy is controlled by baby boomers. Our opportunity is currently in 13 countries with the United Kingdom opening in the Spring of 2017.

The start up investment is between $500 - $600 and you'll partner with a 14-year young billion dollar company located in Gilbert, Arizona. The opportunity has created over 200 million dollar cumulative earners with about 1 or 2 per month being recognized currently.

Michael Lantz, Wellness & Leadership Coach

Who Are You Dealing With?

I'm Michael Lantz. I've lived in Las Vegas, Nevada my entire 60 years of life. I retired at age 54 from being a partner at a large local CPA/Investment Advisory firm. I had the financial resources to retire but I was not done creating and living my life on purpose.

I've been able to create a team of thousands of people/leaders and today teach wellness and leadership to many seeking more in life. I've earned close to one million dollars in 7 years working part-time. I've not slowed down one bit nor has this tied me down. To the contrary, I've completed 15 Ironman Triathlons including the Hawaii Ironman in 2015!

What's Next?

To learn more please click on the link and send me a private message. In your message just let me know if you'd like to speak to me by setting up a phone call or if you'd just like me to email you more information. Honestly, a one-on-one brief call is better and won't take more than 30 minutes.

I look forward to meeting you!

Thanks for taking the time to review this. I know the type of person that would inquire because they want to continue to give back.

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Michael Lantz


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