Top 10 Portfolio by noah Smith

1. My Experience with 3D Printing

1. 3D printing: I was lucky enough to get hands on experience with 3D printing at the lab in Infinity. Visiting the lab helped me understand the kind of place that harbors innovation and just how challenging creating products can be. I appreciate having access to this kind of technology because it is a great 21st century skill to learn. It fit perfectly with our classes content because 3D printing changed the way that people and businesses do things. 3D printing is an incredibly innovative technology.

2. Team 3D Prototyping Project: Child Learning Tool

Our Finished Prototype
2. Team 3D Prototyping Project: This project put us in the place of a creative person. As a group we were asked create a prototype that could be used as a child learning tool. We started by thinking of and researching issues that relate to children. Then we narrowed down our ideas and came up with an idea to promote fire safety. As a team, we had to be flexible and were forced to change our idea when issues came up with modeling. Modeling is basically creative a 3D display of an idea. Experiences like this are great practice for the creative process and prototype development. Going through this process we learned how difficult it is to come up with feasible, innovative ideas.

3. Body Thinking: Speaker Series

3. Speaker Series: This experience was a unique one to say the least. This activity was supposed to push people to go out of their comfort zone and experiment with body thinking. We were directed to get into groups and pairs and communicate/dance with one another without using our voice. Body thinking is communicated thoughts with ones body. I was limited because I had a hard cast on my foot, but I still participated. Although, uncomfortable, we were able to successfully communicate through body thinking.

4. Speaker Series Reflection: Entrepreneurs

4. Speaker Series #2: This lecture was informative and inspiring. An experience entrepreneur and employees from a start up came and gave us their perspective of the innovation process. When someone has a good idea, the first step is incubation. They said that many times, someone brings them a good idea, but it either already exists or is being developed. This session changed my perspective on how I view business and I feel much more aware of how the process works. The speaker was inspiring but reasonable. He admitted that to be successful, one must work diligently and be focused.

5. Shopping Cart Prototype: Design Thinking

5. Shopping Cart Prototype: In class we watched a video that documented a respected design team's process towards building an innovative shopping cart. Seeing professionals get together and everything outlined in the creative process was helpful in guiding me when we had to do the process ourself. They used recognizing and forming patterns to do research. They went to grocery stores to find out what problems continuously affect shopping carts. Recognizing patters is a valuable skills to have when doing research. They found a problem, thought of possible solutions, then continued to improve on their ideas until they were left with a final prototype.

6. Ted Talk: "How great leaders inspire action"

6. Ted Talk: As a class, we watched a lecture by Simon Sinek. He explained that some tricks that he has learned that could help businesses sell products better. He explained how to market a product so that a consumer would be most interested. He said that people aren't interest in the product as much as they are interested in the why, how, and what of the product. He explained how changing advertising language to describe how and why a product is being made could increase sales greatly.

7. In-class Straw Activity

7. Straw Activity: This activity was designed to help us develop empathy. We were asked to work in groups to build the tallest tower, but a few group members were anonymously handicapped by the teacher. The handicap that I was give was that I wasn't allowed to use my hands to help the group. This was difficult at first, and I caught myself trying to grab a straw. In the end, my group was able to build the tallest tower. I was forced to contribute with my ideas, but not manually help. This helped me empathize by putting myself in the situation of others.

8. Empathy Journal

8. Empathy Journal: We were asked to record 3 observations daily that inform about health and wellness. I went out of my way some days to try to learn new things about health and wellness. I learned a lot about nutrition and dieting that I did not know before. I did not just make observations about physical health, but also mental health. A big part of empathy is trying to understand the way that people feel in situations. Especially, in college where everyone is under stress, noticing mental health issues is valuable.

9. 30 Day Challenge: Results

9. Haikus: Above are some of my favorite poems from the 30 Day Challenge. I felt like I was able to develop my critical thinking and creative writing skills by the end. I am proud of how the challenge turned out. I practiced with rhyme schemes, double entendres and other creative writing techniques. My favorite poem was the one about style that used the line "I would never come plain". The words "come plain" could be interpreted as either "come plain" or "complain". Overall I enjoyed the experience.

10. 30 Day Challenge: Self-Reflection

10. 30 Day Challenge Reflection: I did not expect this experience to be challenging, but coming up with new creative ideas everyday was not easy. It easy to see that creativity can be improved the more that one practices. By practicing a different creative activity for thirty days I was able to become more self aware and develop creative writing skills. I learned about the 4P's (creative person, product, process and place). I had to be in the right mindset and a quiet environment for my creativity to work best. After this experience I feel like I have learned a lot about the creative process and what it means to be creative.


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