Islam by Kevin Curry A Hour

What is Islam?

Islam is a Muslim religion founded by Muhammad in the early 7th century.

This is an Islamic building known as the Badshadi Mosque.

As the founder of one of the earliest religions, Muhammad was also known as the "Holy Prophet".

This is a picture of Muhammad.


What were the Islamic beliefs?

Muslims were monotheists (believed in ONLY one God, which was Allah (Muslims call their god by this name)), and they believed in a religious text known as the Quran (further explained later on). They also believed in the 5 pillars of Islam, which were Shahada (belief), Salah (worship), Sawm (fasting), Zakat (almsgiving (giving money and/or food to the poor)), and Hajj (pilgrimage (a long journey to a sacred placed as an act of being devoted to a religion, like Islam in this case)).


What texts were important to Islam?

1. The Quran: Not only was it the center of attention in terms of islamic texts, it was the holy book (or bible) of the Muslims (shown in the background).

2. The Hadith: a collection of traditions as a source of guidance for Muslims.

This is the Hadith.


(The online World History book (Ch. 10 Sec. 1 Pg. 267))

The Influence/Spread/Impact of Islam

As the religion of Islam spreads throughout the Arabian peninsula, it influences many subjects, such as literature, math, science, medicine, philosophy, etc. This religion has made a positive impact on citizens today. We are learning all of these subjects in order for us to succeed in a bigger and brighter future, using this knowledge to make a positive difference in our society.

This is an Islamic school where the people who practice Islamic tradition can attend.

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