Life bends...go. Life is life. The river goes as it flows. Some BELIEVE one particular decision in the present tense will or prevent a misstep later, Not realizing the decison made does not change direction.... What is going to occur is going to happen regardless.

One day I noticed a small dry creek bed flooded by the recent rain. Its sudden appearance was very unusual. The dark clouds dominated the midday sky light, the brightness of the day would be denied 'true' existence today.

I sat by the edge admiring the sudden beauty. It was then I also noticed the tiniest little frog sitting on the edge. That day would have gone unnoticed if I had not been there.

The little frog sat on a rock by the edge watching the water rush by. I wondered what he was thinking. He sat looking across. I sat looking at him looking across.

I thought to myself, "What are you thinking little one? You are safely perched on a stone."

The weather is foul, more rain is predicted, and the creek level is rising.

I continued to observed till it occurred to me what this little fellow thought, "I must get to the other side."

In one sudden leap of faith he jumped into the creek. He struggled but tried so hard with his little hind legs. Stone to stone he bound. He would fall into the water to once more push himself up onto the next stone. The raging water could easily have crushed him against the stones, but, he would fall in only to remerge. The water current was strong, his fight was stronger. Miraculously, somehow he made it to the other side.

The little frog once-more perched himself onto a stone looking back over the creek pridefully reviewing what he had just done.

I sat and contemplated: Life is a constant struggle. I just witnessed life is its simplest form...a little creature of God determined as he was for the purpose I do not know but with the desire and determination to conquer the obstacle laying before him.

Today the little frog taught me a lesson, face your obstacles, challenge, then fight as if your life depended on it. Everyday has its challenges, and, everyday has it reason. Whether agreeing or not does not matter, if you want to must decide day by day to do so.

Life is fragile, it is far too short to live without living. Existence is not living...enjoying it is.


Life bends...go!
Morning has broken, another chance.
Perched on a sacred canyon outcrop, the wind howls through the stone passage; in the night sky, scattered & sparkling, the stars mere pin-points of effort, disappointment & dreams in the night. He stares forward...the year ends, a year starts. The circle of time goes round, no start, no end only life has an end. The Mustachioed Caballero stares into the black night, he wonders with hope of hope, for Mankind. Time is running out. He wonders, Do humans even care about others? About themselves? If they do, Why do much self-destruction? A moment gained is a moment lost, Iife is a grain of light scattered across the canvas of of the Universe. He stands, ponders, then walks away, lost back into the night. _Roel
All doors lead somewhere....

If you were told you had 15 minutes to live, no more no less, what would you do?

It is funny how we as people think when our time arrives, like an old Hollywood movie, we will have time to put things in order: the important papers, taking care of odds & ends, making sure we are wearing clean underwear. (You do not want to pass to the other world with soiled tubes). Then dramatically falling gently to the ground, hand on forehead, death with comfort and without pain.

The reality is we will never be quite ready or prepared. It's just a fact. It is best instead of always preparing and worrying about tomorrow, to live for today. Why always spend the present on preparing for a day which may never come now? When it comes it comes.k

Live for now, that is guaranteed, present and accounted...for your are living, breathing and aware. You are alive among the world.

Today do something different: Put everything down, nothing is more important than life...go now, enjoy 15.

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Roel Gonzalez

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