The Apollo Series FilmGear® launches Apollo LED Spot Fresnel

Introducing the Apollo LED Fresnels (A500, A300, and A150)

Apollo LED Fresnels by FilmGear®

Los Angeles, CA - FilmGear has recently released three prototypes of their latest LED Spot Fresnel line, Apollo at their first annual FilmGear® Locals Only Party for IATSE Local 728 and IATSE Local 600 members this past February. The event was held at the IATSE Local 80 Sound Stage in Burbank, CA and was co-sponsored by RED Digital Cinema, Mathews Studio Grip Equipment, Freefly Systems and Block Battery. It was at this event where the Apollo LED fresnels made their first soft debut in Los Angeles.

Today we officially launch the production models, now available for purchase! The new line of innovative fresnels A500, A300, and A150 are available in the U.S., Latin America, and Canada market this year. Film Gear USA Group will be featuring the A300 at the 2019 Cine Gear Expo LA hosted at the iconic Paramount Studios in Hollywood, CA.

Introduction to the Apollo A500, A300, and A150 LED Spot Fresnels

Apollo's LED fresnel design features offer a slick black lamp housing design with an easy to use LED control panel built into the rear of the fixture. FilmGear's Apollo models include critical design features that help produce cleaner hard shadows. The first is the large curved bell to better control the beam of light. The design feature keeps from light spilling and with the use of the barn-door you are able to cut and shape light the way a traditional Tungsten Fresnel would . The second is the lens mounted within the fixture in front of the LED chip to better round out the light. The light is then intensified by the borosilicate glass Fresnel lens.

The fixtures allow for both local and remote dimming via DMX 512 protocol. A rear focus knob allows you to vary the spot/flood beam pattern from 12 to 55°. The aluminum and steel chassis is powder coated to add corrosion resistance and the fixture is built to withstand the daily production grind. Local dimming control allows you to adjust the brightness of the fixture from the fixture itself, without introducing flicker at standard frame rates. The power switch is incorporated into the fixture. No additional ballast required!


The Apollo A300 (LED 300W Bi-Color Fresnel)


  • The Apollo A500 is equivalent to 2kW+ Tungsten Fresnel and is available in either Daylight or Tungsten.
  • The A300 is equivalent to 1kW Tungsten Fresnel and is a Bi-Color LED Fresnel.
  • The A150 hits the equivalent of a 650W Tungsten fresnel and is a Bi-Color LED Fresnel.

All Apollo LED Fresnels use 80% less power than traditional Tungsten fresnels and come with barn-doors. Additional accessories such as scrims sold separately.



About FilmGear®

Film Gear is a team of inspired filmmakers who bring quality and affordability to every production no matter the size. We grew from a small rental shop in Hong Kong into our very own full- service manufacturing equipment company supplying industry professionals, rental houses, and sound stages globally for over two decades. Since then our lights have illuminated the sets of over 250 films.

In 2018 we launched Film Gear USA Group to bring our decades of engineering to the film industry throughout the North American market.


To learn more about our company or products, please contact

Joanna Or, CEO | Joanna@filmgearusa.com

Lixe Hernandez, Brand Marketing & Sales | Lixe@filmgearusa.com

Frank Sotelo, Operations Manager | Frank@filmgeausa.com

323-780-8880 | 9528 Rush St, Suite A. South El Monte, CA 91733 | www.filmgearusa.com


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