Good Life Tour of the Harn Andrew Jamison

I found the medium of the Art in "Seated Bodhisattva" to be quite interesting. It is made of predominately gold and wood. I first saw it as an old sculpture without much meaning, but looking into how gently the artist combines the affluent look of gold with the persevering look of hard wood, it is quite magnificent. It reminded me yin and yang, how the opposites of a glorious metal with the common wood could create a piece more beautiful than one of each material separately.

I outside path going around the small lake in the Asian Collection section to be quite appealing. It provided a tranquil feel, with a plethora of colorful flowers, the sound of a trickle of water as a small waterfall fell into the large pool. Rather than finding the layout of a particular exhibit wing to be appealing, I enjoyed the tranquility and calmness of a stroll outside in the middle of the museum; it reminded me to "stop and smell the roses," quite literally!

Music is one of the greatest forms of conveying emotion, especially when represented as a piece of sheet music next to a drawing, like Tintorera del Mar, represented above. One of my core values is projecting who you are, now who people want you to be. By reading the music notes, and combining them with the drawing, you can capture an idea of the Lorenzo Homar's emotions and life experiences just by looking. You can see the pain Homar must've been feeling as represented by the drawing of the man being eaten alive, and the combination of melancholic chords written.

We talked extensivly about Frida Kahlo during the Embodying unit. This photograph represents just that. Frida always fought to stand out, regardless of social norms. She grew her unibrow to form a distinct look and set herself apart. Friend and lover Nickolas Muray captures Kahlo's position against social norms in this picture. It gives me an idea of how Kahlo embraced her uniqueness and allows me to understand her position against social norms.

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