Local Pickup Pricing for Kodiak tents

Local Pricing for Utah Customers (non-Utah customers please scroll to very bottom for non-Utah residents)

If you'd like to speak with one of our representatives for product questions about our tents please call us toll free at 866-308-5484 or our direct local number 801-732-0601 or email us at websales@competitiveedgeproducts.com You can also visit our site for more photos, reviews, videos, and features at www.competitiveedgeproducts.com

How do we offer such low pricing? Simple, we don't have to prep, package, or ship the item to you keeping our costs low and we pass those savings onto you - as long as you can pick it up here locally in Utah. If you find a cheaper price let us know.

Here's how you order: call our toll free number on our site 866-308-5484 and make sure you mention that you are a local pickup customer. Once the order is placed you will receive your receipt via email before you hang up. -- LOCAL PICKUPS ARE DONE MONDAY-FRIDAY ONLY -- When the order is ready to be picked up you will be emailed a pickup slip. Pickup location is: Kodiak Warehouse, 4521 W 1980 S, Suite 501, Salt Lake City, UT 84104 Hours: Thursday 9:30am to 4:30pm.

The warehouse is not a store and does NOT ACCEPT PAYMENT. Orders must be placed prior to pickup.

Are you a Utah customer, but unable to pick it up in Salt Lake? Text us (801-871-5891) your zip code and we'll reply back with a local delivery quote.

10x10 Basic Model 6051 - Price: $399.99, Local Pickup Price Only: $358

Basic 10x10

10x10 Deluxe Model 6010 - Price: $549.99, Local Pickup Price Only: $428

Deluxe 10x10

10x10 Super Deluxe VX (best seller) Model 6013 - Price: $599.99, Local Pickup Price Only $468 (includes bonus tarp)

Super Deluxe VX 10x10

10x10 Kodiak Tent Comparison Chart

Privacy Vestibule for 10x10 Tents - Price: $99.99, Local Pickup Price Only $74.99

Exterior Vestibule for 10x10 Tents

Ground Tarp for 10x10 Tents (included already only on model 6013)

10x14 Basic Model 6044 Price $499, Local Pickup Pricing Only $420

10x14 Basic Model

10x14 Deluxe Model 6014 Price $649.99, Local Pickup Pricing Only $498

10x14 Deluxe

10x14 Super Deluxe VX Model 6043 (best seller) Price $699.99, Local Pickup Price Only $550 - ground tarp included.

10x14 Super Deluxe VX

10x14 Kodiak Tent Comparison Chart

10x14 Comparison Chart

Privacy Vestibule for 10x14 Tents $99.99, Local Pickup Price Only $79.99

Exterior Privacy Vestibule for 10x14 Tent

Ground Tarp for 10x14 Tents (already included on model 6043)

Ground Tarp for 10x14

The cabin tents are 7.5' high giving plenty of headroom and the deluxe model has an additional deluxe awning giving an extra 8'x8.5' of camping room. This is a favorite among hunters, scout leaders, and campers who spend extended periods of time in the woods.

The set-up is about 15-20 minutes and although two people are recommended it can be done with one person very easily. The awning can be set up or rolled-up and attached to the side of the tent.

The walls are completely vertical on two of the four sides making it feel more like a room than a tent. The deluxe model's awning includes its own poles for stability.

12x9 Basic Cabin Tent Price $499.99, Local Pickup Pricing Only $425

12x9 Basic Cabin Tent

12x9 Deluxe Cabin Tent with Deluxe Awning Price $679.99, Local Pickup Price Only $550

12x9 Deluxe Cabin Tent

Kodiak Tent 6121 vx 6133 Tent Comparison Chart

Comparison chart for cabin tents

Wall Enclosure for 12x9 Deluxe Version Only Price $99.99, Local Pickup Price Only $79.99

Enclosure Only

Ground Tarp for 12x9 Tents Price $39.99, Local Pickup Pricing Only $26

12x9 Ground Tarp

6160 Kodiak Canvas Grand Cabin 26x8 12 Person Tent Local Pricing $1,069

9x8 Model 6098 Kodiak Tent Price $469.99, Local Pickup Pricing $360

9x8 Kodiak Tent

Ground Tarp for 9x8 Tents Price $34.99, Local Pickup Pricing Only $21.50

Ground Tarp for 9x8 Tent

8.5 x 6 Model 6086 Kodiak 2-person Tent Pricing $299.99, Local Pickup Pricing Only $247

2-person Kodiak Tent

Swag 1-Person Outback Canvas Tent Price $299.99, Local Pickup Pricing $181.10

1-Person Swag Tent

Short Bed Truck Tent Model 7206 Price $349.99, Local Pickup Pricing Only $288

7206 Short Bed Truck Tent

Medium Truck Tent Model 7211 Price $349.99, Local Pickup Pricing Only $299

Mid-Sized Truck Tent

Long Bed Truck Tent Model 7218 Price $369.99, Local Pickup Pricing Only $303

7218 Long Bed Truck Tent

10x14 Screen House Price $449.99, Local Pickup Pricing Only $384

Kodiak 12x12 Lodge Tent with Stove Jack, Local Pickup Pricing Only $809.99

Stove not included.

Stove Mat $34.99

Stove Mat

Kodiak 1672 8x8 Awning Add-on Room works only with 12x12 Lodge Tent, Local Pickup Price Only $279.99

1672 Add-on Room for Lodge Tent

Kodiak Sleeping Bags

3103 Regular Size: 0 degree - $166.99, 3123 20 degree - $159.99

3101 XL Size: 0 degree - $179.99, 3121 20 degree - $169.99

Kodiak Booster Quilt Add-on for Kodiak Brand Sleeping Bags

Booster Quilt attaches to the sleeping bag and can be used as stand-alone

Non-Utah customer in Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada! Just give us a call and we will give you a quote. Make sure that you mention you would like the local pricing along with the shipping quote to your ZIP Code.

Questions? Contact us at websales@competitiveedgeproducts.com or call us at 866.308.5484.

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