Zoologist Maggie schmidtknecht & Carter Woods

Zoology is the study of animals and their behavior. Zoologists may study a particular species or group of species, either in the wild or in captivity. Zoologists study animals and their interactions with ecosystems. They study their physical characteristics, diets, behaviors, and the impacts humans have on them.

a zoologist on average makes 59,680 USD

Zoologists and wildlife biologists work in offices, laboratories, or outdoors. Depending on their job, they may spend considerable time in the field gathering data and studying animals in their natural habitats.

What Are the Duties of a Zoologist? Research zoologists might study the behavior of animals in their natural habitat, conduct experiments on animals in captivity or dissect animals. As a zookeeper, you would prepare food for and feed captive animals, monitor their health and discuss animal care with zoo visitors.

Employment of zoologists and wildlife biologists is projected to grow 5 percent from 2012 to 2022, slower than the average for all occupations

Basic Requirements. Zoologists are required to have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in a field such as zoology, biology, wildlife biology or ecology with coursework in anatomy, wildlife management, cellular biology or even botany, physics and chemistry.


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