Intermediate Digital Photo P2-02 Be patient and you will succeed.

My Photography is about learning how to take good quality pictures and how to take photos mostly about nature.

The way that i would take my photos is focusing on the main subject of my view and also using composition styles to take my picture. The way i edit my pictures is to white balance my photo first so that the picture isn't blue or any other color and to make it the color the way you see it with your own eyes. I then just focus on the darks and the lights of the photo.

At first i just thought Photography wasn't a big deal until i got into a Photography class. It took a while to get used to all the new information i was receiving and then realized how Photography is an art and how i love taking photos now..


My first step for editing these photos was to white balance the photos, then I used exposure to correctly expose the photos. I then added or took away the whites and the darks. I sometimes crop my photos to focus more on the subject that i want to focus on.

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