Sophia's Number the Stars Book Diary By Sophia


I think war is when fighting for what's right. I also think people getting hurt, leaving home and families to fight for America. Families crying and waiting for the return of their family member. People smelling the toxic air, while see in their challenge to beat. They taste their sadness. Families can almost hear the gun shoots and hear their screams. Soldiers feel their guns and weapons. Touch their wounds wondering if their wounds will ever heal.

In World War II people felt uncomfortable, unsafe, and scared. People smell the nasty air filled with plane gas everywhere. They saw people in planes jumping. They felt their family with love. Tasted nervousness and love. Hear people yelling, planes running. Also, people getting ready for war.


I think neighbors are people who you can call when you need someone. When you need a friend or helping hand. So, people can be jerks too, but you have to be friendly because your a better person than them.

If there was a war then I would help them because we don't have to be friends but, we can be friendly. Also if people see that you are nice they will be nice to you too. Even though they are jerks you can be a hero!

Number the Stars

I think there will be a war. Sad feelings, I think Characters are going to war. Also neutral sides. Smelling the salty air of plane gas. And, abusing leaders and life changing events. I also think that people will take wrong sides in the end. After that people will go to war with the people they love.

Literary Analysis

The Literary Analysis deleted all of my work so this is all i could put together real fast and that almost all i remembered.

Annemarie at the beginning of the book didn't know if she would die to protect the Jews but in the end she yanked out Ellen's necklace and held it and she made her mind that she really would die for the Jews. She would do anything to help the Jews escape this horrible place so they can be free.

(Page 8-9) "Be one of many" Mama says this because the soldiers might notice them and they might get in bigger trouble. Annemarie and Ellen stays away from that corner.


We just read chapter 8 & 9 therefore I think Ellen's family will return back to their home because I think their family went to the casket party. I also think this because Ellen came back to the house with a baby and also two adults.

We just read when Annemarie was going to run and give her uncle an envelope and she was on a dangerous mission. Since this happened, I predict that Annemarie will be stopped by soldiers and runs back. I think this because mama said “ if anyone stops you just act like a silly little girl.” Therefore, I think she will get stopped. I also think what is in the envelope is a package for them to go to Sweden.


Man Vs Man

( page 2) "Her laughter stopped. Her heart seemed to skip a beat. Halte! The soldier ordered in a stern voice."

Annemarie and Ellen were really scared. After the soldier stopped them, they never came back to that corner. The girls froze in shock and fright.

I knew this was Man Vs Man because Annemarie was the only one talking to the man. The soldier was also the only one talking to Annemarie too.

Man Vs Self

( page 26 ) "Would she die to protect them? Truly? Annemarie was honest to admit, there in the darkness, to herself that she wasn't sure."

Annemarie was confused if she would actually die to save Ellen or let Ellen be killed instead. Annemarie was scared if she died then would it really be worth it? She was super unsure.

I know that this is Man Vs Self because she wasn't talking to anybody and she was also think to herself. She was trying to make a decision.

Man Vs Society

( page 47 ) "Papa stepped forward. Don't speak to my wife in such way. Let go of my daughter or I will report you for such treatment."

The officers were on the case of the Rosen's being missing so the barge into Annemarie's house. The group of officer's search the house but they start trashing the house until Papa specks up.

I knew that this was Man Vs Society because Papa with arguing with a group of soldiers. Also one of the officer's were talking to the whole family.

Man Vs Nature

( page 106 ) "Only now, entering the woods on the footpath, did Annemarie realized how cold the dawn was."

Annemarie never noticed how cold and dark it was at dawn. She also was really cold, hungry, and scared all alone in the dark woods. The sun was coming up a- little.

I knew this was Man Vs Nature because the dawn was cold and the woods was dark. Annemarie also went alone. It was scary you never know when something might just go wrong that's why she was scared.


Things happen for a reason

I think this is the theme in the beginning of the book because in Denmark they are being tortured by Nazis that came out of no where. I also think this is the theme because people of Denmark live the way Nazis do and everything happens the way they want it to.

I remember in the book when Annemarie and Ellen were running and the soldiers stopped them and they got in trouble. I also remember when Annemarie and her sister had only bread to eat and that happened to be why they are so grateful about every little thing they can get. That's a good thing.

Things happen for a reason

I think this is the theme for the end of the book because Ellen's family has to go away to Sweden because the Nazis are trying to capture the Jews and Ellen's family are Jews. So when they try to escape to go to Sweden, Annemarie has to remind herself that Ellen will come back no matter what. Ellen and Annemarie were really sad and emotional. They have been best friends for a long time now and it's time to say good bye. I have to remind myself sometimes that things happen for a reason. ( Theme for the ending )

( page 94 ) But their shoulders were as straight as they had been in the past: in the classroom, on the stage, at the Sabbath table. So there were other sources, too, of pride, and they had not left everything behind. I can also remember when the Jews were ready to go off to Sweden and hopeful that a new life lies before them. They also said that this is for the better.

Vocabulary Words


"She was a stocky ten-year-old, unlike lanky Annemarie." (page 1)

Based on this sentence, these words are comparing the girls. It is describing their physical features, which are opposite because it uses the word "unlike."

Lany means tall and skinny. Stocky means big and bulky.

Suffix: -y, relating to or filled with; Other words: messy, cheesy, lucky.


"But Annemarie heard Mama and Papa talk, sometimes at night, about the news they received that way: news of sabotage against the Nazis, bombs hidden and exploded in factories that produced war materials, and industrial railroad lines damaged so goods couldn't be transported". (page 8)

In this sentence they are describing how the Germans took all of their supplies away so they don't sabotage them. They "exploded factories"

Sabotage means to do something wrong on purpose. I knew that because the Germans damaged a lot of things and blew up factories.


" Stand still, Kirsti, Annemarie ordered silently, praying that somehow the obstinate five-year-old would receive the message." (page 4)

In this sentence they are describing how Kirsti the five-year-old was stubborn and will not listen.

Obstinate means stubborn. Kirsti would not listen.


" Wait for me! wailed Kirsti, left behind, but the two older girls weren't listening." (page 2)

This is describing that Kirsti wants the girls to wait for her but they didn't, so Kirsti started crying.

Wailed means crying of pain or grief. Kirsti was crying because the girls would not listen.


" Three years, thought Annemarie with contempt." (page 3)

This describes that Annemarie was thinking about three years ago.

Contempt means disgusted. Annemarie was not pleased with remembering three years ago.


" She reached down for Kirsti's hand, but Kirsti, always stubborn, refused it and put her hands on her hips defiantly." (page 4)

This is describing how stubborn Kirsti is.

Defiant means disobey. Kirsti was not going to listen.


" Thinking of Lise, her solemn, lovely sister, always made her sad. (page13)

This is explaining how sad it makes Annemarie when she thinks of her sister.

Solemn means serious. Annemarie was thinking about her serious sister.


"It has been so long since they had dared to use the light in the strictly rationed electricity after dark that light in the room seemed startling to Annemarie, watching though the slightly opened bedroom door." (page 43)

This is describing that Annemarie's family barely uses light at night.

Ration means limited amount of something. Like how they have limited amount of light.


"Ellen stood tiptoe again, and made an imperious gesture with her arm." (page 39)

This is explaining that Ellen has power.

Imperious means a leader abuse power.


"Ellen and Annemarie smiled tentatively." (page 50)

This explains how nervously the girls are smiling.

Tentative means nervous.


"She looked down, and saw that she had imprinted the Star of David into her palm."

This shows how Annemarie had the Star of David Printed in her hand.

Imprinted means to leave a mark on something.


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