Together We Play

"Together We Play" is a student group from St. Thomas the Apostle School in Peoria Heights devoted to constructing an accessible park for the Peoria Heights area. The team has done research and have found that although there are over 10,000 people in the Peoria area with special needs, there are very few accessible parks, and none within the village of Peoria Heights.

The mission is to raise over 100,000 dollars to build the park equipment Which uses universal design, allowing children of all ability to play together. Although the goal is to help others, the team enjoys their meetings and adores the idea of helping their neighbors in Peoria Heights.

The idea started out as a project for the 2019 City Shaper season of FIRST LEGO League , the St. Thomas Robo-Comets Too team ran with the idea and worked diligently toward the goal, first gaining permission of the Village Board and now working to raise the necessary funds.

The team believes that an accessible playgrounds would make a great asset and help to finish off the park. The park's special design accommodates all people. The goal is to make a fun, educational playground that can be used by all people no matter what their status is.

our group and our mission

The Peoria Heights Board of Trustees were interested in the idea, and agreed to talk to the team in a televised meeting. The vote was unanimous, which meant that all of the Trustees voted for the project to proceed.

The plan is to have one main structure in the middle with other smaller pieces of equipment surrounding it.

As a group, the team thought of the name "Together We Play". The reason that they picked this name is because they want a place where people can play together regardless of there abilities.

The picture on the left is of the park that they are converting.

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