World War 2 Doctors By Dana, LizA, And Margot

Doctors in World War 2 changed the face of medicine. Today, we still use what they discovered 75 years ago! Without their contribution to medicine over time, medicine could be completely different today. Not only did they save so many lives then, they are still saving lives today because of what they amounted to back then. They did more in that short period of time for medicine than has ever been done. They made so many improvements to the medical care done on battlefields. When wounded soldiers needed immediate medical attention, they would receive plasma for shock and morphine for pain. They would also pack wounds with antibacterials and administer penicillin. The United States soldiers were immunized to protect against traditional diseases. An estimated 67,000 physicians served in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War Two. Yet, on the home front, there was even more need for them than ever. The population needed healthcare, so the doctors on the home front had a very important job to do. Overall, doctors during World War 2 not only saved the lives of so many people back then, they are still saving lives today.

Though most doctors were the backbone of World War 2, many were cruel physicians that were responsible for thousands of deaths. During the holocaust doctors were hired to figure out cures or treatments for the wounded or sick. Women, children, men all were experimented on and used as lab rats. One of the doctors was Jesef Mengele who worked at Auschwitz, one of the holocaust camps. He was a very cruel human who experimented on twins as young as the age of 5. Mengele was also the chief provider for the gas chambers. His solution to any problem was to gas the person and everyone around them. In one case, a young women got lice. His solution was to gas her and another 750 women that were around her. As for the experiments, the conclusion of them ended with with thousands dead or permanently injured. Many doctors in the holocaust experimented on the prisoners. Most of the experiments dealt with recreating the wounds or illnesses caused to German soldiers in World War 2. Freezing Hypothermia was an experiment when prisoners of the holocaust were put into a icy cold room with sub zero temperatures and they tested how long it would take for them to freeze to death. This was suppose to represent how Germans soldiers jumped out of planes into icy cold water. World War Two was a horrible time in which thousands of lives were lost. However, without some of the great doctors, there would have been many more.


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