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The Element Behind

An artist more than anything. Born and bred in The buzz of Johannesburg, South Africa. A fashion designer/photographer at VEE IN COLOUR, owner of denim brand, BLVCKELEMENT, Sipho Allen Zwane, has been running the brand for over 2 years 6 months. His vision and dream is to see his work influence people and change perspectives around the world.


Rising into untapped markets

To eliminate the idea Of preconceptions

To be in tune with the identity of a representation

And be present in it.


Established in 2016, BLVCKELEMENT is a brand that identifies with daring individuals who are about innovation and incorporating high-end Avant Garde fashion in everyday wear. A non-gender specific denim brand, promoting high end Avant Garde street apparel and fashion fowardness. The brand represents sophistication and mystery in experimenting with denim in various innovative ways. BLVCKELEMENT values freedom, with a global outlook; creativity and thoughtfulness in design.


The brand appeals to people who embrace cutting edge style, people who aren’t shy to own it and challenge design boundaries. With an independent and innovative approach to fashion clothing of a calibre. Not only is it daring but also pushes at individuality and quality. BLVCKELEMENT’s design and style embodies a love for creativity and irreverence towards established rules and just having fun with denim. The upscale brand BLVCKELEMENT is mostly inspired by “IDEN-TITY” which is always presented within the texture, tone and life of the garments and its distinctive fashion appeal. A denim brand for the mass.



Setting a benchmark as one of the most sustainable practices in the textile industry and seeing its success through our brand and in the country.


Footprints have their own narrative

To carry them as a reminder

That we are creating ourselves for the future

To look back on us of colour

That we recreated ourselves for us.

Reflections SS”18


Innovation towards Adaptability
As a brand we aim to expand into emerging youth segments

Why Denim?

  • More Than Just Fabric
  • Creative and Manipulative Canvas
  • Perfect Artist/ Designer
  • Adaptability


ImagInation is not reality

Not even the sun can relate

The reality of polarity

The complexity of binding them

Reflects on our authenticity to be, than to comform.

…Who We Are?

A Denim Brand
Evolving Into A Lifestyle Brand
Looking Into Ventures To Advance Denim

Conformity is not a life or a style

As we stand indifferent

Our waists won’t define who we are

Or the size of our chests

Iqhawe SS”18


Bubblegumclub Magazine ‘19

City Buzz ‘19

Lysa Magazine ‘18

Elle Magazine ‘17


The absolute of living in toxic transparencies

And who do they belong to these tears?

Hers are fears wide eye opened as eagle eyes

Guarded with a presence of dares

Surely the devil doesn’t wear Prada.

A pride amongst birds

Kuthathu SS”19 - Gender Norms Decomposition

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083 785 2118 - blvckelement@gmail.com
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Goitsemang Mvula