The Longing so close yet so far

Hello Friends,

I am writing for two weeks as wifi problems made it impossible to post last week about the previous week.

Two weeks ago was quite a busy week. We had three and a half days of class on Hebrews (and made it most of the way through!) and then a little more than one day of class that was drama workshops, where we hosted quite a few people. Monday and Tuesday were quite normal days as far as class and other things are concerned.

On Wednesday it was International Women’s Day. So we hosted a celebration for that here. We had quite a few women from the town come to camp. We did worship and one of the staff shared while another did a chalk drawing. Then served dessert, Tre Leche cake, and capped off the afternoon with dancing. It was quite a fun time. I think it was a blessing for the ladies.

Then on Thursday after coffee break a drama group from Iowa (a Christian university there) came a did a drama workshop with us. The eldest daughter of Mark and Ruth is a drama major at the school and was with the group. They discussed how to do dramas in church settings mostly. Friday morning four separate groups did a small section of Hebrews 11 and the first three verses for Hebrews 12. There were three Albanian speaking groups and one English speaking group. It was pretty fun to be a part of.

Then Saturday I enjoyed my sabbath after about 4 weeks. It was a much needed time and I fully enjoyed my time.

This past week was an excellent class. We had a professor from Columbia International University as our teacher. He taught the books of 1 Peter and 2 Peter. He was very wise and dealt with controversial issues with grace and not pushing his view, but rather presenting multiple sides and then briefly explaining his stance. He was extremely personable and was very interested in us as students. He lived in Edinburgh Scotland for three years, where I am meeting my dad after school and was very willing to answer questions about Scotland and Edinburgh!

On Tuesday, I hung out for two hours, with these two dear friends of mine, Brailee and Nicole. I am so grateful for them and their friendship to me.

After returning from outreach week we discovered that several girls had gotten hair lice, so alas we had to treat it. So a few of us girls opted for oil treatment instead of shampoo treatment. (Every girl did treatment on the same day even though several of us, including me, were clean) So of course photos of our heads was a must!

On Friday after class we had a half day solo day. It was a really good day for me. It acted as my sabbath for the week. We had a persecuted church prayer focus, I went on a long walk, and then just spent time with God. It was meaningful me and God time.

Map of the top 50 countries where persecution exists (minus two that had been prayed for)

Then on Saturday we had our last family group night where we took our family group leaders out. Our group went and had chicken wings and then after had chocolate pie and ice cream that we had made and bought, respectively, and watched the movie Annie. We had a good time as a group of girls. Then afterward Brailee and I hung out and had fun, since we were the first family group back.

And lastly, it was Brailee's birthday this past week so we got an all girls photo. Here it is!

One and a half more weeks! I'm so excited to be heading home in a month. See you soon, friends!


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