Building an EU-Africa Partnership of Equals A Roadmap for the New European Leadership

Only 10 years remain to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The arrival of a new leadership team in Brussels provides an opportunity to reinvigorate Europe’s role as a global development power, and to build a true partnership with its continental neighbour Africa.

CGD's new report, Building an EU-Africa Partnership of Equals, examines policy areas in migration, development finance, trade, and global health security — presenting an actionable 'roadmap' of proposals that the European Commission can pioneer to reinforce partnerships and support effective and equitable development initiatives in Africa.

With only 10 years left to achieve the SDGs, the @EU_Commission must prioritize a true and equal partnership w/ Africa. @CGDev’s Roadmap of recommendations offer improved and equitable policies in trade, migration, global health security, and finance: http://bit.ly/2luoPss


Europe’s working-age population is shrinking, while Africa’s is rapidly increasing. A new and improved labor migration pathway is needed so that both continents can reap the benefits of migration. Learn more about @CGDev’s EU-Africa Roadmap: http://bit.ly/2luoPss

In order to improve a labor migration pathway for the EU, @CGDev recommends: clear tools & guidance to make it happen, global Skill Partnership b/w Europe & Africa + WITHIN Africa, a supportive public narrative/advocacy. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2lBLMtu

Development Finance

The challenge in achieving SDGs by 2030? Finance. @CGDev’s EU-Africa Roadmap lays out a development finance plan that could be a game-changer for both continents and beyond. Read: http://bit.ly/2luoPss

Despite their potential to achieve high development impact, projects in the poorest and most fragile countries of Africa are chronically underfinanced by European development finance. It’s time for a change. Discover @CGDev’s EU-Africa Roadmap: http://bit.ly/2lAh6ZE


At $116 billion, the EU is the largest market for Africa’s export trade. @CGDev’s EU-Africa Roadmap offers recommendations for the continued and improved economic success of this crucial partnership: http://bit.ly/2luoPss

Implementation of duty-free access to EU markets for ALL African countries – regardless of geography or income level – is a top recommendation for @EU_Commission from @CGDev’s new EU-Africa Roadmap. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2kpEXeo

Global Health Security

Global security threats truly affect everyone. The EU can play a vital role in keeping the world safe, by prioritizing global health security and preparedness. See more global health recommendations in @CGDev’s Roadmap for the new @EU_Commission. http://bit.ly/2luoPss

Bolstering European action on global health is a double win for Europe: it fosters progress in developing countries and protects Europe against potential disease risks! See @CGDev’s recommendations to the incoming @EU_Commission here: http://bit.ly/2jWuyGT

What’s the EU’s offer to Africa?

A panel of experts explore European Union-Africa partnerships and present recommendations to tackle issues beyond development from CGD's new EU-Africa Roadmap.

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