Alexander Miles The person who invented the AUTOMATIC Elevator

This is the inventor Alexander Miles he was born in Dulut, MN on May 18 ,1838. His parents where Michel Miles and Mary Pompey and Alexander was an only child . He had a daughter named Grace. He first worked as a barber before realizing how dangerous the shaft is when he was riding it with grace and he wanted something safe for her and everyone else. Alexander passed away May 7,1918.
This is where Alexander was born amd raised but he decided to move away from home to Waukesha, Wisconsin and that is where he meet his wife Candace Dunlopand where he had there daughter Grace Miles. That was the place where he found his passion for being a part of a insurance company.
This is a picture of what the people back then called their elevator also known as a shaft and the one on the right was the one Alexander Miles made of improved this is the first model automatic elevator that's door opens and closes by itself because of Alexander any time you are in a hotel and you want to go some where quickly you can just use the nearest elevator they go up and they go down.
This is another picture of Alexanders model of an elevator it shows the structure it shows the different features of the elevator and how Alexander thought it would be safer than the shaft.

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