Final Evaluation: Northrop Grumman Corporation By Ian Troutman


Founded: 1939 as Northrop Aircraft, Inc.

Merged with Grumman in 1994

Maintains B2 fleet

Key supplier to Boeing Company


In order of Market Cap (billions)

  • BA (111.59B)
  • LMT (78.26B)
  • GD (58.62B)
  • RTN (45.12B)
  • NOC (43.38B)

Horizontal Analysis

Cash and Cash Equivalents decreased significantly

Accounts Receivables had increased

Prepaid Expenses had decreased significantly

Trade Accounts Payable increased

Total Shareholder Equity had decreased

Common Size Analysis


Strong Goodwill increased from 46.91% of total assets to 48.60%

Higher EPS than its competitors


High Long Term Debt

Ratio Analysis

ROA: NOC 11.41% vs BA 5.43% vs RTN 9.51%

Net Profit Margin: NOC 8.97% vs BA 5.176% vs RTN 8.72%

Biggest Opportunities

Trump Administration increase defense spending by 10%

Project partnership with Center Centre



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