Global Experience in Art & Design By Hannah Wong

Preparation For the Trip

What I'm planning to do over the course of 6 Days abroed

In Geneva, there is an International Motor Show

Salon international de l'automobile.

From: 9th-19th of March 2017


The Geneva Motor Show

  • Current Interior trends
  • Unique overview the latest models and trends
  • To see concept Vehicles & Concept ideals
  • To find inspiration for my current project 'IKEA CAR'
  • new Upcoming market?
  • Understand which way the industry is going
  • Being able to experience and sit in the cars
  • Hearing the different sounds made by different cars when you slam the boot or doors shut.
  • self driving cars, cars might one day be able to fly
  • 106,000 square meters =12 football pitches everything to do with automotive.
  • Attracts over 700,000 Visitors
  • 1/5 biggest international motor shows globally
  • Woman in the car Industry

Geneva The City

  • To see Geneva's Transport System
  • Speak Swiss French
  • SSB
  • Chocolate
  • Materialistic
  • Expensive
  • to admire the jet d'eau 140meters water jet
Switzerland shares its borders with France, Italy, Germany, Austria


Wind tunnel- Linking with out Areodynamics project to see a real life wind tunnel

FKKS Windtunnel
  • To see a real life wind tunnel
  • Observing whats it like to work in a wind tunnel
  • Links with our aerodynamic lectures, to see it in person instead of videos

Mercedes Factory Tour

  • How are Mercesdes made?
  • Whats it like to work there?
  • How many cars do they produce?

Porsche Museum

- To find out a bit more about the background of Porsche

Stuttgart Airport

Public Transport - They are known to have an excellent transport system compared to the UK



Look out at Car2GO

Read on the internet about the concept of car sharing. Would be interesting to see it in person.

Geneva what I learnt

All manufactures are now tackling the issue of co2 emissions . producing hybrids &fully electric vehicles , & attempting to achieve longer ranges

Everything in the car industry is being shared up as looking at Automonous Cars

self driving vehicles and digital roads that commmuicate to each other

Swiss vision , <<Oasis>>> agile, versatile and with a little garden in the cockpit

What we plan to do

Motivational statement

reasons of going

design language

opportunist to talk to people in indurstry, their culture. and there experiences

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