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When visiting Southeast Asia I chose to travel to Thailand on my first stop of the summer. Being in Thailand I experienced the Hindu religion. While is Thailand I visited the Phanom rung temple in Buriram. This temple was built in the 10th century to worship the god Shiva, he was worshiped from the 10th to the 13th century.

Shiva (The God of Destruction) is one if the three Gods in the Hindu Triumvirate. The other two gods are Brahma the god of creation and Vishnu the god of upkeep.



After visiting Thailand I traveled to the country of Nepal, I wanted to experience the religion of Buddhism. I wanted to have a different experience, instead of visiting one of the abundant temples dedicated to Buddha I decided to visit the temple of Maya Devi his mother.

Maya Devi was the mother of Buddha. Who was later considered tone the "God" of Buddhism. Maya was born in Devdha Nepal and passed away in the year 563 bc in Kapilavastu. It is also know that she created Buddhism and passed it on to her son Buddha.



After visiting Mya Devi I traveled to Jerusalem, to see The Temple Mount in the Judaean Mountains. The Temple is home to Judism, Christianity, and Islam. Though I came to experience Judism. The Temple is at a max elevation of 2400 ft above sea level.

The Temple Mount is the most wholly place in Judism. It is believed to be the place God manifested to gather the dust to create the first human Adam.


Christianity The garden tomb

While I was still in Jerusalem I visited The Garden Tomb, it is said to be the tomb of Jesus Christ. It was built a early as 754 AD, Are Jesus died and was also resurrected. The Tomb was discovered built into the side of a rocky hill by archeologists



At the end of my trip I visited the Quba Mosque Haejaz, Iran. The Quba Mosque was built in 622 AD for Islamic worship. Islam is a monotheism religion and worships Allah "The Moon God" or also known a "The One and Only God".


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